Thursday, 24 September 2015


How Kenyan actress Nana Gichuru predicted her own death in car accident!

Nana Gichuru dies in car accident.

Nana Gichuru Popular Kenyan actress  died on Tuesday morning September 22nd in a horrific road accident along Nairobi's eastern bypass in a head on collision with a lorry. Police and eye witnesses say Nana Gichuru  appeared to have been trying to overtake a number of vehicles in her BMW convertible when she collided with the parked lorry. Few days ago, precisely on September 11, Nana posted about death in a message on her Facebook Page.This is so very sad,such a young life cut away in its prime.The BMW car Nana Gichuru drove is very fast and powerful,i think she just got carried away by it all,such a shame.I have decided
not to show  too much of remains of her car here,too sad for me to load those pictures.Its a horrible horrible way for anyone to die.Reading the message Nana posted on Facebook is pretty eerie.It is so uncanny,cos that is exactly what happened to her 2 weeks later! She didn't want to arrive in a preserved body,she wanted to skid in and shout Holy Crap what a ride! Reading that message gives me the chill,talk about premonition...Its as if Nana perfectly predicted her own death!

RIP Nana Gichuru . .


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