Friday, 18 September 2015


Meet 2 yr old Arat Hosseini,the world's greatest child gymnast!

2 yr old gymnastic skills!
He undoubtedly has to be the greatest youngest gymnast in the world! This boy is two years old? Incredible!
Arat Hosseini, 2, who is already able to perform complicated poses after taking up the sport when he was just nine months old.
Arat has been perfecting his technique for more than half his life and the Iranian toddler is taking social media by storm with his amazing stunts and flexibility.Looks like we shall definitely be seeing Arat Hosseini on the world stages like the Olympics very soon.Imagine if this boy was Chinese,American or Russian?He would have been scary ,cos we know how those countries perfect their athletes in situations like these.Check out more pictures of child gymnast Arat Hosseini after the cut.


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