Sunday, 18 October 2015


Why is Kaduna State unveiling a new coat of arms/Logo?

Kaduna state has launched a new coat of arms as seen in this picture

Kaduna state new coat of arms
Forgive me,but why is Kaduna state launching a new coat of arms?A new Governor comes into power.not quite 6 months and he thinks the most important thing is launching a new coat of arms? How does that affect the price of Garri or Rice?Maybe i am a cynic ,but i just think it is wrong leaving leprosy and curing a ringworm. The people of Kaduna and the state has more pressing issues that launching a new coat of arms.

Anyway for those interested,Kaduna State has on the 17th October unveiled its new

Logo which will henceforth be the new insignia for the state.
It will be used in all the state's official communications, correspondences and transactions. The distinctive features of the logo include its motto: Work and Worship; green vegetation, which means Agriculture, Economy, Abundance and conservation. Crocodile stands for Strength, Resilience, Indestructibility and Ancestry; while cattle implies Fertility, Abundance and Nourishment.
Maybe i am wrong,maybe with the new Kaduna coat of arms,things will move faster and it will be a catalyst for the state,i think not,but you never know.See another picture of the new Kaduna state logo after the cut...


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