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Bill Cosby shuts down interviewer over questions in interview(VIDEO)

I can't understand why Bill Cosby will refuse to answer questions about his assault accusations, when given the chance to clear his ...


Cosby tried to get Wendy Williams fired 24yrs ago for talking about his...!

Now i am starting to believe Bill Cosby is really guilty of these  accusations! Talk show host Wendy Williams made the shocking revel...


As NBC Cancels Bill Cosby sitcom,i ask how long before he is Charged for Rape?

Bill Cosby shocked his proposed sitcom has been cancelled! NBC announced Wednesday that they are pulling the plug on a sitcom they we...


Bill Cosby's Lawyer calls Janice Dickinson a liar over attack allegations

59 year old Supermodel, Janice Dickinson gave an explosive tearful interview,where she tells how Bill Cosby allegedly drugged and assault...


Now Janice Dickinson makes allegations against Bill Cosby too.

Bill Cosby has beena very bad boy if all these allegations coming up are true. On Tuesday, supermodel Janice Dickinson made accusatio...


Does Keeping quiet about allegations make Bill Cosby Guilty?

Bill Cosby,dirty old man or Loveable grand father? Is Bill Cosby,a dirty old man or Lovable Grand father? That's the question on eve...