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Is World's richest man Bill Gates right not to leave wealth to his kids?

If i was Bill Gates child,i don't know how i will be feeling after today. The world’s richest man Bill Gates has admitted he will no...


Amancio Ortega overtakes Bill Gates as richest man on Forbes rich List.

Amancio Ortega Forbes. So Bill Gates has been dethroned as the richest man in the world according to Forbes rich list. Spanish cloth...


Bill Gates wife carries water on her head in Malawi.

I just love the humility of Bill Gates and his wife,Melinda.This is a woman whose husband has all the money in the world,yet she thinks no...


Bill Gates gives $50m to Fight Ebola in Africa!

Bill Gates a man of the people,he donates $50m to fight Ebola in Africa. Billionaire Bill Gates continues to do charitable work and imp...