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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Dead Carlos Alberto,Brazilian world cup winning captain 1970 Burial photos.

Image result for carlos alberto burial

Carlos Alberto burial took place yesterday Wednesday 26th October.It was a sad day all over the world for football lovers.The Brazilian football legend Alberto, who died on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack,was loved universally and the Carlos Alberto goal in the 1970 world cup final in Mexico is still being talked about 46 years later as the best team goal ever scored.He was laid to rest on Wednesday with a Brazilian flag draped over his coffin at the Iraja cemetery in Rio de Janeiro. More photos after the cut.
Wednesday, 13 January 2016

How Brazilian model Raquel Santos died from plastic surgery

A runner-up in one of Brazil's biggest beauty pageants has died after undergoing cosmetic surgery to remove 'laugh lines', it was reported today. Model Raquel Santos, 28, from Sao Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, suffered a heart attack after having fillers injected in her face on Monday, and police are now investigating her death. Friends of the mother-of-two told how she was terrified of dying during plastic surgery, but was a 'slave to vanity' who
Sunday, 9 August 2015

Brazilian anti corruption DJ Gleydson Carvalho killed on air!

DJ Gleydson Carvalho shot dead on air!

Brazilian Dj shot dead on air!.
Corruption seems to be on another level in Brazil and the culprits are ready to do anything to protect their interest!
Brazilian radio DJ Gleydson Carvalho (pictured above) was gunned down in a studio as he broadcast live yesterday. Two gunman burst into Radio Liberdade FM in Camocin, in north east Brazil, overpowered a receptionist and an engineer and stormed into the studio where Gleydson was talking to his listeners and shot him five
Saturday, 25 April 2015

Brazilian Police viciously beat& batter Transgender ,Strip and shave her!

Have you seen how badly Brazilian police beat this transgender,strip and shave off her hair?
Graphic images have emerged of a badly beaten transgender prisoner battered,forced her to
strip and shaved by the police.. 

25 year old Veronica Bolina is pictured lying partially naked on the ground in front of a group of officers and other prisoners in Sao Paulo, Brazil.The 25-year-old had previously been arrested over an alleged attack on her 73-year-old neighbour.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Meet Brazilian man who killed 40 people for fun and adrenaline Rush!

This is just crazy and the world is full of crazy people! A man who could be one of Brazil's most prolific serial killers has confessed to murdering more than 40 people.

Sailson Jose das Gracas told reporters at a police station he killed for pleasure and an adrenaline rush.

He said he killed for the "fun of it", according to officers.

Das Gracas, who has been described as a psychopath by police, said he preferred to

Monday, 10 November 2014

Man caught @Lagos Airport with cocaine concealed into women shoes from Brazil

Man caught @Lagos Airport with cocaine concealed into women shoes from Brazil

A man who thought he had an ingenious plan to get rich by smuggling cocaine into Nigeria was caught at the Murtala Mohammed Airport.
The 27 year old man named Mama Solomon (pictured left) was arrested recently by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency NDLEA at the Murtala
Monday, 27 October 2014

Girl Power as Brazil's female President,Dilma Rousseff is re elected

Girl power is very much in control in Brazil as their female President,Dilma Rousseff ,was re elected by a majority.
Dilma Rousseff who has been in power since 2010, has been re-elected president of Brazil
Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Brazilian Michael Jackson use Acid&£2,000 to bleach skin

Brazilian Michael Jackson superfan used acid to lighten his skin.

Michael Jackson has been dead 5 years but his influence is still as strong as ever,take this Brazilian fan for example.
The Brazilian Michael Jackson superfan used acid to lighten his skin and spent about
Saturday, 5 July 2014

Did Neymar do a Michael Jackson&Lighten his skin?

There has been controversy about footballer Nemar's skin colour,look at these pictures and decide if Neymar is bleaching and whitening his skin or not

neymar skin care
Darker and younger Neymar.

Neymar Skin whitening or Lightening and bleaching?Did Brazilian superstar Neymar do a Michael Jackson? There is a pic here of Neymar in 2009,5 years ago.But he looks like a different man entirely today.Did Neymar have his skin lightened? There are also other pics of Neymar as a young boy and darker,but he looks and gets much lighter as he gets older.From this evidence,i do think he had his skin lightened. 

Neymar has strangely gotten lighter.
The Brazilian superstar Neymar was kicked out of the world cup by a Colombian player in the Brazil

Brazilian Fans invade Neymar's Hospital&Girlfriend Gabriella is in tears

Neymar at hospital
Neymar at the hospital after injury that put him out of World cup.
  • Neymar has a broken vertebrae and out out world cup.
  • Brazilian Fans hold vigil outside Neymar hospital
  • Girlfriend Gabriella Bruna in tears at hospital
Brazilian superstar "Neymar is out of the world cup" and hundreds of his fans invaded the hospital where he was taken to for his back injury which led to him missing the rest of the World cup.
His beautiful girlfriend Gabriella Bruna was seen in tears at the hospital as well.
Neymar before his back injury had been Brazil's top scorer at the world cup and their talisman.He has so far scored 4 goals in 5 games,but did not get any goals in his last game
Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pele voices fears for the World Cup In Brazil

The King of Soccer Edson Arantes Donascimento well known as Pele has expressed his sadness and fears towards the World Cup about to be held in Brazil.
Thousands of Brazilians have been taking to the streets to protest against the high costs of hosting of the tournament.
Pele said he sympathised with the demonstrators, adding that many foreigners could cancel their trips to the World Cup as a result.
"This is a great loss for the country," said Pele, speaking in Mexico.
The footballer said he agreed with many of the protesters' grievances, such as their calls for more schools and hospitals.
But Pele said the Brazilian national team should not have to pay for the corruption and politics involved in organising the tournament. 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Meet The World's Dumbest Body Builder!!

Meet The body builder who injected a lethal cocktail of oil and alcohol into his body, where it causes appearance of swollen muscles.

This dumb man Arlindo de Souza has grown 29in biceps after injecting a potentially lethal cocktail of oil and alcohol into his body, where it causes appearance of swollen muscles.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, nicknamed 'The Mountain' in his hometown in Brazil has

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Brazilian Neymar is our Man of the Month

Neymar and the lucky boy
A little kid ran onto the pitch in Soweto South Africa,after the Brazil South Africa game in which Brazil had won by 5-0. The ushers at the stadium accosted the kid and were leading him off the pitch when Neymar,the
Tuesday, 4 February 2014

As BLACK BOY Is Chained To a Post Like the Slavery days,I Ask-Is RACISM Prevalent In BRAZIL?

O racismo e seus tentáculos no seculo XXI (4)
Black boy chained to a post/pole like in slavery days in Brazil.

  • Slavery in Barzil,Balck boy chained to a post/pole like slavery days.

Black slavery in Brazil.A teenager suspected of practicing thefts on the south side of Rio was beaten, wounded with knife, stripped naked and tied to a pole on Avenida Rui Barbosa in Flamengo. The case was reported through a social network by Yvonne Bezerra, coordinator of Projecto Uerê and activist in causes of human rights. Yvonne said she was alerted by a friend about the tied up young man late on Friday (31).
She went to the scene and summoned police and firefighters, who were able to remove the bike lock that held the boy. The teenager said he had been approached by three men who called themselves Os Justiceiros (meaning “vigilantes”) and rode motorcycles. The trio beat the young man and stabbed him in the ear before removing his clothes and tying him to the post.
By way of the same social network that reported the incident, Yvonne vented against those who stood against her posture of helping the boy.
“I want to warn publicly here on face(book) that those who send me messages in my inbox, accusing me of several things I helped a person to be removed from a pole, naked on my street, to be careful with words. I’ve already summoned my lawyer and will sue one by one. I will never allow torture or groups of idiots who call themselves “justiceiros” to practice these acts. Bandits have to be arrested…”
the black boy tied to a post reminiscent of slavery days

Note from BW of Brazil: I’m curious to know how people feel about this piece but here’s where I’m coming from. First things first, no one actually verified if the young man in fact stole anything. There are various stories on this blog featuring young black males who were accused of robbery or attempted robbery. There were the accusations of arrastão (groups robberies on the beach), the recent profiling and mall restrictions of black youth due to the so-called rolezinhos (flash mobs) and well as the normaleveryday harassment and accusations, often showing that nothing had been actually stolen. 
The second thing is Brazilian society has always reserved this type of treatment for black Brazilians in general. The term “justiceiro” has been around for a number of years and describes vigilantes and/or death squad groups, often times off-duty police, who decide to remove from society the “undesirable” element. In other words, the social order of inequality must be upheld. This speaks of a much deeper problem within Brazilian society. 
People protested and were outraged when affirmative action policies were introducedto balance the huge racial disparity of those who have access to college. The university area has always been generally a whites-only club and only in the past decade with the introduction of quotas has there been a marked change in racial representation on college campuses. People are quick to make sure to “keep people (ie blacks) in their place” but prefer to maintain the country in a permanent state of apartheid in nearly every area of life. Discussing the bankers and politicians who constantly assure that rules in society are tipped in their favor and thus help to create the social imbalances that lead to petty crime is not a topic that people want to seriously address. After all,it’s easier to point the finger at society’s rejects. This is the same petty crime that is created by elites who in turn put vigilantes and police in place to repress the supposed “criminal element.” It’s so nice to know that so many people want to ensure that inequality is as Brazilian as beaches and soccer.
Tuesday, 24 December 2013

WORLD'S Tallest Teenage GIRL!


World's tallest girl height.

Her name is Elisany da Cruz Silva and she is from Salinopolis, Brazil. She is 17 years old. Until age 15, she had a
Tuesday, 10 December 2013


the huge Mass gay wedding that took place in Brazil with 130 cuples,

Mass gay wedding in Brazil.
A total of 130 couples married in Rio De Janiero in Brazil on the 8th of Dec 2013.The mass wedding took place at the Rio De Janiero Superior Court Of Justice.Earlier in the year a court had passed a Law that no public offices that over sees marriages can no longer refuse to marry Gay couples.
Having said that ,some public offices are still denying Gay couples.Civil marriages by Gay couples was recognised by the Supreme Court 2 years ago in Brazil.More pics after the cut...