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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Freda Francis marks 30 with Toke Makinwa & friends


Freda Francis turned 30 today.She and pal Toke Makinwa and others decided to do what girls do best..LOOK GOOD! In case some of you are wondering who Freda Francis is,she is a successful business woman and also well known in social circles,She is also rumoured to be dating Don Jazzy or is her best friend..depending on who you wanna believe.Enjoy the pics...

Friday, 4 July 2014

Australian star Rolf Harris gets 5years 9months jail sentence

Rolf  Harris being escorted to court by wife.
Australian star and British television favourite Rolf Harris has been jailed for 5 years and 9 months by a British judge for sex crimes.Rolf Harris had been found guilty for having abusive relationships with underage girls and indecent assaults on other women.
Harris had denied all charges but was found guilty unanimously on all 12 charges brought against him.Rolf Harris could have gotten more prison time but the judge considered he was in his 80s,was not of good health and was also the sole carer for his wife.
Rolf Harris was supposed to have shown no emotion as he was being sentenced and just stared into
Sunday, 25 May 2014

Floyd Mayweather & Rapper Ti Fight in public over Ti's wife! (video)

T I is either a very brave man or the most stupid man alive! Otherwise how else do you explain him going up to attack Floyd Mayweather an undisputed World Boxing champion?

T I and his wife have been separated and having issues for a while,im all these times she had found a new way to spend her time by hanging out with Floyd Mayweather and flaunting the pics on instagram.Ti wasn't happy with all this.
So this weekend, she was hanging out with Floyd in Vegas ,also celebrating his daughter's birthday,when TI who was also in Vegas found out..
According to several witnesses ...

Floyd was eating inside the restaurant when T.I. walked up and started jawing at Floyd. T.I. swung at Floyd ... their giant bodyguards jumped in to separate them ... and then the all out melee began.At one point you hear Floyd telling at T.I., "“you control your bitch motherfucker” 
What i don't understand though is,with all Mayweather's money and all the single free women in America,why hang out with a married woman?Even though she might be separated now,she is still don't need all that hassle..these dudes are still very ghetto with all their money.

Tiny and Mayweather's daughter 

Video of fight next page
Thursday, 1 May 2014

Jeremy Clarkson in New Racism Row-Allegedly uses the N word

Jeremy Clarkson in Top Gear Special

Jeremy Clarkson has been in the news recently but not for the best of reasons..only a few days ago there was controversy when he named his black dog Didier Drogba..there was also before that controversy about him using racial tones against a “joke” about a Thai man standing on a bridge.
At the completion of a bridge-building task over the River Kwai in Thailand, Clarkson commented to fellow presenter Richard Hammond: “That is a proud moment.”
Then, just as an Asian man is seen walking into shot, he added: “But there’s a slope on it.”
The use of the word – which is a derogatory term for people of Asian descent – led to complaints and the threat of legal action from Equal Justice, a law firm specialising in discrimination cases.
And now his most recent cause for alarm took place  last night as he sparked a new racism row after he was caught using the n-word while filming for Top Gear.
In the unseen footage – which was later edited out of the show – the £1million a year TV host is seen swinging his finger between two cars, while reciting a racist version of a children’s counting rhyme.
Clarkson can be heard chanting: “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...” He then mumbles: “Catch a n***** by his toe”.
The shocking footage comes not long after Clarkson was involved in another offensive outburst,

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wizkid dey Fire pass Motor!

wizkid and fans
Wizkid Firing back on Twitter!
Wizkid's new song should be(In Caro Melody) Wizkid dey fire pass
Wizkid had a little banter with one if his fans a few hours ago.Bit this time it all ended well as opposed to the many wars fans have with some celebs on twitter.The fan accused Wizkid of taking pics in instagram and doing nothing more this year..well Wizkid replied that as well as doing that he has made more money this year than he
will ever see in his life! lol

wizkid and fans 2

wizkid and fans g
Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Chief Razaq Okoya &Shade renew wedding vows

happy couple
Chief Razaq Okoya,the 74 yr old Billionaire business man and his youngest wife Shade Okoya 36, renewed their wedding vows at the weekend in his vast estate.The wedding was also blessed at the magnificent private