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Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke tells why she made Lesbian Cucumber Video

Chidinma Okeke has confessed to making the infamous Miss Anambra cucumber video that went viral all over Nigeria and abroad.The lesbian ...


Miss Anambra Part 3 Video tape surfaces in Chidinma Okeke scandal.

The Miss Anambra part 3 video tape shows some people are really out to damage and destroy Chidinma Okeke as much as they can.I cannot u...


How Miss Anamabra Chidinma Okeke was blackmailed for N1.8m in Lesbian leaked video

The Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke leaked video scandal is opening more can of worms.Chidinma went viral online after a lesbian sex video ...


Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke in danger after Part1 & 2 Lesbian Video leak.

Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke has cried out her life is in danger after her controversial lesbian video leak which had a part 1 and part 2...