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Why Daddy Freez shouldn't have sent comedian AY and wife public message!

AY the comedian and his Wife. This is what is wrong in today's world.Everybody wants to be a star on social media. Apparently rumours...


Freez of Cool Fm comes back at Etcetera for damaging article!

Etcetera is really a brave man..he keeps gunning for Freez of Cool Fm.The latest is a clear reference to Freez in his article Lekki husban...


Cool Fm's Freez Shows off his $200,000 watch collection!

Dj Freez of Cool Fm shows off his watch collection.I still don't understand why in the name of hell anyone wants to do this in Nige...


Question of the Day-Is Cool Fm's Freeze Tempting Fate?

Is Freez,the Cool Fm Radio presenter tempting fate by going on about how many expensive wrist watches he has? Is that not inviting the men...