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Scarface Jurassic park actor Geno Silva death cause

Geno Silva,the scarface and Jurassic park  actor has died at age 72.He is best remembered for playing Tony Montana's killer.He is s...


Zoe Saldana in Nina Simone movie uproar for painting face black!

Zoe Saldana Nina Simone I really don't see what the big deal is here,i think people just like to create mayhem where there is n...


The Full list of Oscars 2016 Nominees

2016 Oscars nomination list. Its that time again folks,a time when the best actors in the world gather to hold their breath and see if t...


Fifty Shades of Grey Film,What the critics are saying about it.

T he first reviews of Sam Taylor-Johnson’s  Fifty Shades of Grey  are in and the verdict is that it’s, well, solidly mediocre. The 50 S...


Sony CEO Replies Obama- We did not back down or Give in

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton breaks his silence to address President Obama‘s comments about the studio’s decision to cancel the relea...


Coroner rules Robin Williams was sober when he killed himself.

Robin Williams killed himself sober. Sad news.Robin Williams really knew what he was doing when he killed himself. The Marin County Sh...


Disney announce Toy Story 4 to be released June 16 2017!

Good news for all fans of   Woody, Buzz , Jessie and  Toy story . Toy Story fans may have thought they said goodbye to Woody, Buzz and...


Gone Girl-A Film of gender Politics

A scene from the film Gone Girl. If you're a fan of gender politics,or have ever wondered what a  misogynist and mi sandrist based...


Brittany Murphy's life Biopic,Death and Murder theories

Brittany Murphy,was she murdered?Life Biopic still does not answer the question. The speculation about the life of dead Hollywood actre...


Actress Kiera Knightley poses for Interview Magazine

This is turning out to be the s*x month.. Callum Hood has exposed himself to a female fan and now the normally conservative Keira K...


Nicole Kidman opens Cannes Film Festival with her film Grace of Monaco

The glitz and glamour were all present in France as Nicole Kidman  kicked off the 67th annual Cannes Film Festival -- the most prestigi...


Top10 Earning Actresses 2013

Top 10 earning Hollywood acresses 2013 We brought you the Top 10 earning male actors, you didn't think we'd leave out the ladi...


Genevieve Signs N70 Million deal?

Rolling in it...Genevieve Nnaji