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Britney Spears diet:Weight loss and exercise secrets

She shot to fame with her hit me baby one more time video,but Britney Spears weight loss diet with that up and down body shape that we s...


Oldest Female bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd is 80,her diet,Husband and before pic.

The oldest female body builder M rs Shepherd is 80 years old !!!! This grandma of 80 looks so amazing that some ask ,does Ernestine Shephe...


Ice T's wife stuns with incredible Acro Yoga Poses(pics)

Who Knew  Ice T's wife  Coco had such talents?  Coco and her sister have been showing incredible Acro Yoga poses. These moves will l...


See 43yr old Kate Henshaw in amazing body workout,pics&Videos!

Kate Henshaw is 43 years old with a 23 year old's body! She didn't get that body by lounging on the chair and eating Amala and 8 p...