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UK home office deny Visa to dying Nigerian man's Marrow donor brother

Nigerian leukaemia patient Isaac Aganozor faces death as the Btitish home office has denied his brother a visa to come to the UK for a bo...


African Migrant hides behind car's engine to get into Spain!

I see this picture and i still don't believe it.I wanna believe some guys were playing pranks and set up this picture? How can som...


Couple Borrow grandma's £4000 Funeral money for Legal fees for Nigerian husband to stay in UK

Adedayo Daodu and British wife fighting imigration to stay in UK. Nigerian immigration UK .A member of the Nigerian Olympic boxing ...


4 Nigerian Players jailed in Tanzania for Overstaying their Visa!

Is this what Nigeria has turned to,being jailed for over staying in Tanzania? And we have a high commision in that country that can't...