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Ondo Police arrest Child trafficking gang including husband and wife

It seems child traffickers or kidnappers in Nigeria are determined to keep this nasty act going.A couple, Mujidat Wahab and Ayobami Wah...


Convicted Kidnappers in Rivers State to Lose their Properties!

  This is a very welcomed move,in fact they should find other ways to make their punishment tougher! Kidnappers in Rivers State will...


Senior Pastor of Winners Chapel Calabar kidnapped in middle of Prayer session!

Like my church people will say,it is well.These kidnappers guys don't have no chill at all..If God visits Nigeria,they will attempt...


Regent of Akungba Akoko,Princess Mojisola Omosowon Kidnapped .

Kidnapped Regent of Akungba Akoko,Princess Mojisola Omosowon. These Nigerian kidnappers have no chill at all,they can kidnap anybody....


Nigerian kidnapper shot dead in raid by Police!

Nigeria kidnapping news seems to be very rife now adays.We get a story almost every week..It used to be so bad and died down,but i th...