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Ex Pennsylvania attorney General Kathleen Kane sentenced to Prison!

Former Pennsylvania attorney General Kathleen Kane has been sentenced to prison.  The brief, unlikely political career of the bright ri...


Stevie Wonder's dead attorney duped him into paying his family for life!

Stevie Wonder's dead attorney and right-hand man for decades duped him into signing a contract he never saw ... a contract that makes t...


Divorce Judge orders 3 children to juvenile detention for refusing lunch with father!

This is one of the most ridiculous cases i have heard in my life! Sometimes you do wonder what these judges had for breakfast.Incredible! ...


Shrien Dewani Incredibly found not Guilty of Killing wife Anni Dewani in SA.

Shrien and Anni Dewani. Shrien Dewani not guilty ???I am still in a shock at this verdict.I see the headlines but i still can'...


Lawyers-10 Important things to know

Facts about attorneys/Lawyers that you may not know. There are many misconceptions and stereotypes about lawyers and what attorneys ...