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Alicia Keys shares childhood rejection letter of dad

Singer Alicia Keys dad Craig Cook and her famous daughter have come a long way.The star shared a letter she wrote to her absentee dad whe...


50 cent son beef:makes terrible admission about Marquise

The 50 cent son beef is one incredible affair.Why would any father say the things the rapper says about his first child Marquise Jackson?I...


Watch Funny Nigerian mom threaten her son to Vote Hilary and not Trump

A Nigerian mother threatened her son to vote Hilary Clinton and not Donald Trump in the American Presidential election or else there is ...


Would you buy your daughter an expensive Designer bag at age 13?

Parents,will you buy your daughter an expensive designer bag to use at age 13 or any expensive designer accessory? Is it a case of too m...


Halle Berry takes ex to court for trying to make Daughter look White!

Halle Berry and daughter Nahla,who's father wants to look white. This is a really funny story.One really should be careful with the ...