Mide Martins-why i thought my husband used jazz To Marry me!

Mide Martins-why i thought my husband used jazz To Marry me!

Mide Martins is a Yoruba movie actress that virtually came from nowhere and lept to the top of the movie charts.Yes she was the daughter of the late Funmi Martins.But no one knew of her when her mother was alive.Mide herself had no interest in the Yoruba movie world herself,but the death of her mother Funmi,changed her mind.She wanted to preserve her mothers memory.Now she is a big star and one of the most popular Yoruba Movie stars.But the role has come with controversies and talking points to,among which are the actress and husband Afeez Owo.A lot of fans thought Afeez does not befit such a beautiful girl like Mide.There were talks and rumours of Mide Martins husband having used jazz on
her-jazz being the local term for juju or charms for those of you who don't know the meaning.
Now the interesting thing is the Yoruba actress herself has confirmed in this interview too that she thought her husband had sued jazz on her to win her love,why she thought so,you will find out in this interview.The married mother of two also talks about losing her mother.Mide was very frank and honest in this interview,she even admitted to bleaching,which is a surprise,cos many celebrities still deny it,even when it is as obvious as Michael Jackson's.
Read and enjoy this enthralling and revealing interview after the cut..

Growing up: My growing up was normal, was just there. I didn’t really have any challenges and I was doing fine until my mum died and that’s when I started facing challenges but today God has established me.

The Challenges: I was very young then, and being the first child I had to care for myself and my siblings and there was nobody to run to, even all the people that promised to stand by me were nowhere to be found. They all disappointed me so I was all alone and had to struggle on my own, you know it is not easy to struggle in this life alone, we all need somebody. But thank God he was with me all through the years and thank God I met my husband then, he was there for me.
Why she married her husband, Afeez OwoIt is a normal thing for one to develop affection and feelings for someone who is always there for you… especially the person that was really of help when no one was there. My husband was the only person that was there for me during this period and that’s one of the reasons I fell for him.
And then I love him actually. He was my mum’s the late Funmi Martins,manager before she died but before she died we were best of friends and that’s where the feelings started from. So after she died we became even closer, go out together, work together on some of the movie scripts mummy left behind and from there, things started going and thank God this is our 12th year together.

Success in the industry: If mum were still alive, I wouldn’t have been this successful. She wouldn’t have allowed me, in short I never planned to be an actress all my life. I did not even like the career before, I wouldn’t even be in the industry because I came into the industry mainly because of my mum’s fame.
When she died, I just thought about it that I had to take it up from where she stopped so that she’d be remembered forever, imagine if I hadn’t taken it, many would probably have gotten who she was today. That’s why I took it up and to God be the glory I made the right decision. I never thought it would be this fun but I’m loving it, when I’m on location, it takes away all my sorrows, I love my job so much.
Movies: What inspires my movies are not personal experiences, just inspiration… I am a script writer, I write story for myself and husband’s productions at times. I have that script writing gift, I think a lot, I like being alone to think about life generally, so from there inspirations comes.

What she does apart from movies: I am into lands and properties, I am the ambassador of Katawa properties, a company on lands and properties, I now know one or two things about land and so it’s what I do.
Her alleged crashed marriage: Well, let me say this, you cannot please the world. I have heard series of interviews on this particular issue but I just don’t know why people sit down and write lies about me and my marriage. I am happily married, I live with my husband and children. We were together a few minutes back, we don’t have crisis. Fine, we have normal quarrels that happen between couples but none has ever extended outside our home.
That she cheats with a particular sugar daddy: I don’t know what to say anymore, they should bring photos and evidence of the sugar daddy that I am cheating on him. See me, I hardly go out, if I am not on location, I am in my house. I am a workaholic, after my family, then my job is next so how do I have to see any sugar daddy.
Odd couple-she started to believe rumours that husband Afeez Jazzed her.
I depend on the work of my hand and God ‘cos they are the only ones that can take me far in this life so I don’t have time for any nonsense, and they are just bad belle people.
The misconception that her husband is not fit for her: Well, love is a very funny thing. It happens in the most unexpected way, you might be the first lady of a country and fall in love with a gardener and you won’t just know how to explain it, love is not something you can just explain.
Whom you fall in love with is not something you can control. When we first started, I myself thought it was jazz cos people were saying it too, but one thing about jazz is that when you are being jazzed you won’t realize it, you wouldn’t even think of it once cos the jazz would have blindfolded you.
But I have been with him for the past 12 years, I am sure that if he actually used jazz on me, it would have been impotent by now….so it’s natural, it’s funny, strange but I’m in love with my husband, with just the way he is.
Probably if I have married a more handsome man, we would have divorced or separated since and not be living happily as we are now.
But I married this man and I ‘m happy with him, happy with my marriage and I have a happy life. What more do I want or need, I am happy with my husband, I just wish I can tell the whole world that I am happy with this man, stop all this nonsense talk, he did not use Jazz on me, I love him just the way he is.
Sustaining their marriage: God has been the one, we hardly stay together cos of the nature of our job but the little time we spend together, we spend it pleasantly and we also pray a lot. Prayer helps have a longer marriage.
Mide Martins talks S3x in marriage: S3x is important in marriage and it shouldn’t be just one style. One style what? If it is only one style that I have been doing with my husband, I would have lost him to all these skinny girls out there.  If any wife decides to stick the missionary style she will lose him to the girls out there who are ready to go the extra mile and do lots of crazy stuff of bed to make the man happy.
To him (Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo), it can be a sin to God but I don’t see as a sin. It is very normal and a natural thing.”
“Let’s face reality and let us not deceive ourselves, if you have a man and you are not able to do all these s3x styles, you would lose him to all these girls out there who are ready to drive him mad with these s3x styles that come out every day, it is important for wives to spice up the s3x life in their marriage.  It is the key to sustaining a happy home and marriage please.”
“Me I do the doggie style, spice it up, everything.  I do all the styles please. I will advise women not to let anybody mislead them, women, please always have good s3x with your husband so he won’t have any cause to go outside”
she admits to having bleached and lightened her skin.
Bleaching: It is not a crime to me, it is not a crime to change your skin color. One thing I believe is that when you are fairer it brings out more beauty in you, so there is nothing wrong in lightning your skin a lil’ bit, just don’t overdo it.
There is no offence in it after all it is not a legal offence….yes, there is this belief that Black is beautiful but it doesn’t fit some people. It is the truth, black doesn’t fit everybody but when you are fairer you become more beautiful and that is why I am prettier now.
And in this our industry, that’s what sells the most. It is not as if you have to fair skinned to be in Nollywood but that is how I view it for myself. It is a personal decision so I lightened up a bit to become more beautiful and attractive and fit into major roles…and I don’t think I have overdone it, it’s just normal.
Domestic violence: Ladies should stop wearing revealing dresses out. Dress well so as not to entice these rapists. Girls of nowadays, the way they dress is in fact, doesn’t make sense, half-naked to the public, and show off their nipples. Most times we ladies cause it, u don’t have to show it all before you attract a man, what a man sees first is your beauty, or not tempt them with your provocative dressing.
And if you are too fine or attractive, be mindful of places you go to.
And then God! Be prayerful…
Korean movies and foreign stars…I so much love Kim Soo Hun and Lee Min-ho, they are fantastic actors, I love Korean movies, they have very interesting story lines in fact they are too good. One thing about me is that I adore good things. I love other foreign actors. If I have to feature with them someday I would faint.
Fashion and her outfit to AMVCA: Well, I designed it myself, I am a great dresser, and I love dressing well especially gowns. I picked that style for my designer, I drafter it myself and thank God it came out well. I always draft dresses.
I love Kim Kardashian, I know her body is fake but I love her sense of dressing, I love Rihanna too, good fashionistas.
Advice to young ladies: Ladies of today need to be patient, work hard please
Project she is presently working on: I am working on a movie, Abike. Abike is a movie for all Nigerian women, will premiere in July, women and housewives, they should be careful of not losing what they have, it is a must watch…
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Why she doesn’t feature in English movies: Is it not English I have speaking with you since we started this interview, why would anyone then think I can’t speak English…I’m just very busy and moreover getting into that part of Nollywood needs connection, I have not gotten any call or script from them yet so that’s why”
the late funmi martins picture,
Mide and her beautiful late Mother,Funmi .
Speaking further about her relationship and why celebrity marriages break up,Mide Martins said...

I believe such marriages lack trust and understanding. Many men can’t tolerate seeing their wives playing sexual roles. Also, many people believe that we (actors) practice what we act in the films. Another factor responsible for marriage collapse is that many women try to change their husbands after marriage, this brings disarray into the home. Women needs to be more cautious.

Could that be the secret of your successful marriage?

Yes, we trust and understand each other.

Some people wonder why you and your husband have not been cast as spouses in a film ?

That is not true. That means they do not watch some of my films.

Could you mention some of those films?

I can’t remember the names now, but one of such film will hit the market soon with the title Aiye Foreign.

Some say it is because both of you don’t suit each other as spouses on set?

It is not possible for two adults to live under the same roof for over ten years if they are not compatible. I am happily married. He loves me for who I am and I love him too.

Some of your fans are also of the opinion that you don’t go to public places with your husband, how true is this?

This means this group of fans are not watching us closely. We attend some functions together especially when it involves our colleagues. I agree that my husband doesn’t really socialise, he is more of an introvert.

And you seem to be the opposite of that, how do you manage?

(Laughs) I am a woman and needs to be seen. Some frustrated husbands try to hide their wives but my husband is beyond that.
Word to fans: I love my fans because without them, there will be no me. They watch my movies, they are the reasons I pay my bills today cos if they don’t buy my cds, money would not come so I say thank you all.

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