Saturday, 28 September 2019

How Tacha BbNaija 2019 was disqualified after Mercy fight

Tasha or Tacha of big brother naija 2019 has been disqualified, the contestant was sent out of the house after she had a fight with her fellow house mage Mercy.

Tasha being the constant trouble maker, this one housemate has managed to broaden her fighting horizon with every other housemate, while her confidence is applaudable her rudeness is a major unattractive feature.
Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Meghan Markle baby boy joy news with Prince Harry sparks celebration

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The Meghan Markle baby news has resulted in lovers of the royal family sharing the happiness of the royal couple.Prince Harry's new wife,put to bed in the early hours of Monday morning at 5.26am to be exact.The royal baby weighed in at 7ib 3oz.
She had wanted to have her first child at home but things were not to be as they made a hurried dash to the hospital.She gave birth at London's Portland hospital.
They are now back home at Frogmore cottage.
The world is expected to see the new arrival on Wednesday.I hope she has time to rest.She must be

Tonto Dikeh plastic surgery starts new trend among Nigerian celerities

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Tonto Dikeh plastic/cosmetic surgery news didn't come as a shock to many.There has slowly for a while now been this new trend of Nigerian celebs(especially Nollywood actresses) going abroad and having work done to improve their looks.
But now there is a new twist.There are now some fantastic surgeons in Nigeria who do amazing work.So the cost is much cheaper,you don't have to travel abroad buying tickets,paying for hotels etc.You can get all the comforts and your dream body at home.
I know the plastic surgeon who worked on Tonto's body.But i am not gonna mention them here and

Sadness of Nigeria having lowest age of consent in the world!

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That the lowest age of consent in the world is found in my country Nigeria,has left me very traumatised! To say i am shocked is an understatement.How can anyone expect an 11 year old girl to be old enough to agree to being intimate with anyone?And i think i know very well where this has come from.It is strictly to do with religion.I will live you to add 2 and 2 and figure out the answer.
I spent most of my formative years in Nigeria.I left when i was 18 years old,and for some strange reasons i have always thought the the age of consent was 18.
So you can imagine my shock when i heard a conversation on a tv show saying we had the lowest age of consent.I figured they must be wrong,they made a mistake.How can anyone approve 11 as being old enough to take such a strong decision that will affect their life and health?
But alas,i went online and researched,not only did it confirm it,but it also said we held this disgusting record as the No 1 in the whole wide world!
Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Vivian Fowler and Caleb ex student Lizzy rescued from drugs

Vivian Fowler and Caleb international school ex student Lizzy has been trending in Nigeria over her rescue from drugs by Pastor Tony Rapu.
The girl's story has shocked many Nigerians who wondered how a girl who obviously came from a well to do family to have been able to attend those schools has ended up as a drug addict.But that in part shows how naive we all are.
It is a known fact that many kids who came from affluent homes ended up on the wrong side of town due to the people they hang with.Where there is money,there always will be fast life and temptation.
Lizzy told her story how an ex boyfriend was lacing her weed with cocaine and heroin without her knowledge.
Thursday, 29 November 2018

The man who married his guitar and music !

Did you hear about the man who married his guitar and music in Lagos Nigeria?It sounds like an incredible story,but Harri Best a musician actually went to a registry to get married to music legally.The story and wedding immediately went viral.Now the question is,did he do this to gain publicity or does he actually love music this much?Probably a bit of both.Anyway here's the video..enjoy

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Going to Lagos with Family?Stay @Kaysroyal Suite,A Home away from home

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If you are heading home to Lagos,Nigeria anytime of the year with your family,business associates or friends, and need a place to stay that feels like home away from home,look no further than KAYSROYAL SUITE located just on the outskirts of Lagos in Ikorodu.Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip,the apartment offers the space and privacy that is compared to none.
Our luxurious apartment is sleek,stylish,secure,comfortable and very affordable with Wi-fi internet connectivity,DStv and 24hrs power supply.
Kaysroyal is set in a prime location in Ikorodu Town.

contact Kaysroyal Suite
07055551777, 08023598531,08033073390,

More pics after the cut...
Sunday, 16 September 2018

Kemi Adeosun family,profile,children,husband,parents,biography.

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Kemi Adeosun profile. Nigeria's minister of finance Mrs Kemi Adeosun is one lady who always catches my eye  when she is on television.She always seems in control of any situation and even when she is bluffing she commands an air of confidence and control making those she is addressing feel this seeming problem is none at all.

This is a very important quality to have cos a leader manning an important post must always give the impression of no need to panic.Lets discover more about Nigeria's new minister of finance and see what makes her tick,we shall be examining her life both in public as well as
 family and private life...
Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Sir Shina Peters profile,mansion,children,wife,biography

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Sir Sina Peters profile is not like the usual.With him comes the children,the women,the hype,his house or should i say popular mansion back in the day and lastly Shina mania.Nigeria had never seen nothing like the frenzy that greeted Shina with the arrival of his huge album Ace.He invented a new genre of music with Afro juju.
In a recent interview with YNaija, Afro juju music legend, talked a great deal about his musical background, sex and his many kids. See excerpts below:

Friday, 31 August 2018

Aretha Franklin father,children,husbands,weight and biography

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Aretha Franklin dead was a news that left the entertainment world with a huge loss and sense of sadness.Details of her weight,father and children quickly became a thing of interests for millions of curious fans all over the world.By the way all of that is covered in this insightful video into her life.
The singe had been battling an aggressive cancer for a while before she finally succumbed.
Aretha had a tough upbringing.Her mother left home when she was only 4 years old and she became a mother herself at the tender age of 12! Twelve! I find that incredible,she was only a child herself.And incredibly she went on to have another at the age of 14!
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Meet 10 most amazing people in the human world!

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The most amazing people we humans have ever come across is what you are about to witness here.Some times we experience things or hear about things that happen to other people and we just can't imagine how it could be humanly possible.That's when we think it can only be God right or a supernatural occurrence?Well,you are about to see 10 of those moments today.I don't wanna let the cat out of the bag,but watch this short video and your mind will be blown by this most unbelievable humans in the world!
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Watch video below.....
Friday, 17 August 2018

Things you should know about the human heart that may save your life!

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These are incredible facts about the human hearts everyone should know.How much do we really know about the most important organ of the human body?Do we take care of the heart the way we should? Are we eating right to support it and make it as healthy as possible?
This video will certainly make you stop and think twice after you have digested incredible facts about the human heart.


The most amazing places on earth you should visit before you check out!

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These are the ten most amazing places to visit before you leave this world!Too many times we place too much emphasis on work and never take the time to stop a minute and live.There are places that are begging to host our souls that we don't even notice.There are 10 specially selected spots in this video that if you visit,your life will never be the same again..enjoy.
Thursday, 26 July 2018

Beautiful Wedding cakes like you have never seen before!

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Some of the most beautiful wedding cakes in the world are on display here.Every woman dreams of her wedding day and hopes it goes perfect on the special day.Right from when i was a school girl i had dreamed of my wedding day.What i want the brides maid to where,the location,the song i am gonna dance to,my wedding dress and most importantly my wedding cake.Well,sit back relax and
Friday, 13 July 2018

Do you know what is Nigeria famous for around the world?

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The question of what is Nigeria famous for is one that generates a great interest.We know for a fact that 1 in every 4 black people in most parts of the world are more likely to be from Nigeria than anywhere else.But what is this very popular and often controversial country better known for?
Monday, 26 March 2018

Famous Nollywood actresses and their husbands

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Nollywood actresses and their husbands are a thing of curiosity for movie fans all over Africa and as far as the Caribbean,not to talk of all those Africans in diaspora.Here we bring you a list of some of the most famous Nollywood actors and their wives or the other way around,in case you accuse us of sexism,lol.
So sit back,relax and fix your eyes on our celebrity couples.Our first featured are above in the shape of Omotola Jalade and her hubby Captain Matthew Ekeinde.
The couple met when she was just a teenager and he much older.She was 16 while he was 26.By the time she was 18,she was pregnant.They got hitched in 1996 and have been together happily ever since.They have 2 boys and 2 girls.
Tuesday, 17 October 2017

10 everyday life hacks for kids,schools,girls and everyday life that can enhance your life!

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It so easy to overlook some life hacks that can bring untold comfort and profit into our lives.In case you don't know what a life hack is,it is simply defined as a skill or trick that brings efficiency and profitable productivity into your life.This could be in any walk of life.A few examples of these are ,If you get a new pair of shoes and they are too tight,to stretch them,simply stuff each shoe with wet newspaper as tightly as you can. Let the shoes dry, and then remove the newspaper.Sounds crazy right? But it works,another is...
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You know all that stain you get in the bowl of your toilet?Well,how about trying this to get rid of them...Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl,live it overnight to settle in,next step is to wash it with soapy water, and flush the toilet clean.You will be shocked and surprised at the result.
These are just a very few,watch the video below to find out more amazing life hacks for you.
Sunday, 15 October 2017

Incredible Albert Einstein facts about his brain,wife,birth and quotes

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Has there ever been a brainier man that Albert Einstein?The brain of the German-born theoretical physicist as well as his wife,place of birth,famous quotes,are some of the things we discover in this biographical video.He was Born: 14 March 1879, in Germany Ulm, GermanyHe Died: 18 April 1955,in Princeton, New Jersey, United States of America.His Children are: Eduard Einstein, Hans Albert Einstein, Lieserl Einstein.
He was married twice to Elsa Einstein (m. 1919–1936), Mileva Marić (m. 1903–1919).
But this is just the basic facts about the great man,the more interesting fascinating facts can be seen in the video below...
Friday, 13 October 2017

Incredible facts about diesel engines,the inventor and educational revelations.

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You might think you know all about diesel engines because you know about the oil flush,tuning,white smoke and the cleaner .But there is much more to know about this great phenomenon.For example,do you know the architect/inventor of this great commodity?Do you know how and why it came about?The following video will reveal incredible facts about why diesel engines are one of the most important discoveries for mankind.

Incredible facts about sun in the sky that will shock you!

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Can you imagine life without the sun in the sky?Some amazing facts we are about to discover,makes it even more scary to imagine what the earth will be like without this great phenomenon.I can't even imagine it,it's like saying imagine life without water or air.
Did you know the sun is the biggest object in the solar system?Did you know it generates winds and flares or that the further you move away from it,the hotter it gets?
Well,this is just a tip of the iceberg...Watch the video below and find out more amazing facts about the sun.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The messy Davido arrest after Tagbo death as well as Caroline Danjuma's part.

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You must have all heard about the Tagbo Umeike death and Davido's subsequent arrest following police investigations.Well,he was not arrested per say,he was instead invited for questioning.But reading between the lines of the police statement,they might as well have said the Omo Baba Olowo singer and crooner of such hits as If,Gobe,Fall on You,Aye and Dami Duro to mention a few,was a murder suspect.
Now for those of you who don't quite know the gist,this is what happened.Tagbo a friend of Davido was said to have been dumped at the front of the Island Maternity hospital Lagos.He was then later reported dead.As of the time of this announcement,there was no official report of how he was brought to the hospital.
Wednesday, 11 October 2017

All about the Zhou dynasty,facts and religion

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The Chinese Zhou dynasty,especially facts about the dynasty and the religion,is one of the most intriguing and fascinating studies ever.The Dynasty which lasted from 1046-256 BCE was the longest-lasting Chinese dynasty ever!
When the army of the state of Qin attacked and seized the city of Chengzhou ,the long dominance finally came to an end.The king who was in power then was King Nan.He was killed in the 256BCE attack.
Find out more fascinating Zhou facts in the video below...

Funny man Mr Ibu John Okafor wife,son and Nollywood biography

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Mr Ibu aka John Okafor the Nollywood funny man,is one of the most famous african actors all over Africa and stretching to the caribbean.But the biography of the man will show you that the riches and the fame did not come easy.
In the video below,we learn about how Ibu was so poor that he slept rough on the streets and even almost committed suicide.We also learn about his family,his wife,wedding day and his son.


Sunday, 24 September 2017

Soul singer Charles Bradley death shows it's better to have love and lost

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I heard the sad news of Charles Bradley death.I loved the James Brown sound alike and impersonator from the very first time i saw him on Tv in the Uk.Sadly he lost his life to cancer of the stomach which spread to his liver.He was 68.

Is Kylie Jenner getting pregnant with Travis Scott baby a business move?

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The headlines screamed Kylie Jenner pregnant with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott baby!
But this was more than just having a baby.A lot o people showed their displeasure on social media saying the 20 year old junior sister of Kim Kardashian was too young to be a mother.The boyfriend also is only 25 they said.These were babies having babies.They hardly know each other.
But much as this may be true,nobody knows who will be a good mother or parent except the people themselves.We have seen much older people become parents and suck at being parents.
Saturday, 26 August 2017

After Rich Piana steroids overdose,i ask is it really worth it?

After the death of body builder Rich Piana from a steroids overdose,it's time we took a serious look at this problem.The American celebrity body builder had been in a coma for about a week after collapsing in the bathroom while having his hair cut by his girl friend Chanel Jansen.
Piana death cause according to earlier police reports is bound to come out as a steroids overdose.They found over 10 bottles by his side as well as a white substance powder.
Monday, 14 August 2017

All you need to know about Inika Mcpherson,husband,tattoos and girlfriend Regina George

While watching the 2017 world athletics championships,American,Inika McPherson and her tattoos totally stopped me dead in my tracks!Pun intended.I am sure people all over the world had the same experience seeing her for the first time.I had never seen this lady before.
And the make up she had on her face was scary,i had never seen nothing like this before on an athletic field.
To say Inika is very unique is an understatement.I was very intrigued by the lady and quickly decided to google who is Inika McPherson?
So here are a few things i found out...
She has over 30 tattoos all over her body and face.She was born in the state of Texas in the USA on 29th of September 1986.
Friday, 11 August 2017

The new English league cup name Carabao is surely taking the mickey!

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I was baffled when i came across the name the Carabao cup.It sounded like something from a Karaoke session away on holiday somewhere in South America or the Caribbeans.But i noticed there was something bout Aston Villa.So my curiosity quickly got the better of me and i clicked on the story.
Imagine my surprise when i discovered it was the English football league cup and it's name had yet been changed again for the upteenth time!
When i was younger in the 70s and 80s,the league cup was a prestigious cup that was keenly
Monday, 24 July 2017

A look at the history,books and biography of Adebayo Faleti,dead playwright

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The Nigerian entertainment was thrown into sorrow at the Adebayo Faleti dead at age 86 news that rocked the airwaves.The dead playwright stands in the history of Nigerian entertainment as a poet, journalist, writer and actor. He was also known as a Yoruba translator, a broadcaster, TV exponent and a pioneer of the first television station in Africa, Western Nigeria Television.He also translated the Nigerian national anthem into Yoruba language.
Those of the modern times will recognise him as a sage who appeared in various Yoruba movies in the last 20 years.But Faleti's history goes a long way further than that.He always had this unique and captivating look anytime i saw his photo or saw him appear on television.He was born on the 26th of December 1930 in Agbo Oye,Oyo state.He died on the 23rd of July 2017.
Friday, 21 July 2017

OJ Simpson now a free man after parole hearing,but should he be free?

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The OJ Simpson case is one that will be forever one of the historic and folklore moments passed on to generations.The ex American footballer and movie star finally got his freedom yesterday after serving 9 years of a 33 year sentence for charges of armed robbery.
Now everyone who knows about his case during the murder trial of his wife Nicole,knows the man was guilty even though he was set free.Everyone also knows he should not have been jailed or at the most gotten community service or suspended sentence for him allegedly going to rob some men who had stolen his memorabilia's.
But the authorities got lucky and made him pay for the apparent murder of his wife.Now anybody else,after listening to the parole hearing,i would have said,fair to him,he did his time and deserves his probation.But OJ's case i can't really decide.I loved the man during my childhood,but i can't help but think a man who killed his wife the way he did(at least i think he did anyway)does not deserve to go free.Many have been killed as a result of the same thing.Most have gotten a life sentence.So should