How Mamok Kunle Mamowora,Mc Oluomo security was killed outside father's house!

How Mamok Kunle Mamowora,Mc Oluomo security was killed outside father's house!

kunle mamowora Mammok killed,Mammok shot dead

Mamok oluomo Kunle Mamowora,the chief security officer of Mc Oluomo has been brutally shot dead outside his father house on Mosaku street Lagos,on Sept 30.
His killing is thought to be a revenge on a political rival who was shot dead
during the elections.
Chief security officer of Mc Oluomo Mammok killed
The Oshodi Kingpin,Mc Oluomo who's security officer Mamok was killed.

Kunle Mamok  was dragged out of  a barbing salon and shot by 10 assailants believed to be from a rival political group on Wednesday, September 30, 2015, by a mosque  three houses away from his father’s house at 52, Mosaku Street, Oshodi, Lagos. Shortly after the chief security officer Mamok was shot in the head by the unknown gunmen who came in motorcyles, his lifeless body was dumped callously on his Honda End of Discussion (EOD) model car. The residents of the area were frightened off by sporadic gunshots that enveloped the sprawling Mosaku Street and the entire area was engulfed by palpable fear.

kunle mamowora and his son
Mamok and his son.
Mamok was featured internationally on internationally renowned documentary series "Louis Theroux's Law & Disorder in Lagos" on the BBC few years ago. The Mc Oluomo chief security, was Louis' guide around Lagos and throughout the program he came across as a very articulate man, he was a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.
In the series,Mamok  educated Louis Theroux about the Politics of Lagos and the workings of the NURTW and what it was really like to be in the Transport Union. He also protected Louis a couple of times when things got too dangerous.

 When Mamok was asked if he's ever afraid, Mamok replied "I'm never afraid. I'm a Sumarai, a fearless warrior". Louis also asked if he can fight, and he said "Oh my goodness yes. But I don't fight stupidly". 
Kunle Mamowora was reported to have been killed at a barber shop in front of his dad's house.After he was shot in the head,he was then dragged out and his dead body dumped onto his Honda car parked outside!

Mc Oluomo later visited the scene of the killing of Mammok Kunle Mamowora.He then assured the people not to take the law into their own hands,but allow the police to do their job.But,the people of Lagos are wary and strongly lay in fear that their could be reprisals in Oshodi area of Lagos. The advise was that people should try and stay away from Oshodi in the next few days if they can.
Mc Oluomo himself is a man always in the news.From his many escapades to his philanthropism ,to his many girl friends particularly in the Yoruba movies genre.Oluomo has been kind to so many people reportedly financially.It is not unusual to find many people at his doorstep first thing in the morning looking for all kinds of financial favours.In most cases,the Oshodi warlord always delivers.
It is also not unusual to hear Yoruba film stars mention his name in movies.A particular person who has done this so many times is Baba Suwe,i have lost count of how many times i have heard Baba Suwe mention Mc Oluomo's name in movies.He obviously is one of the many people who ahve recieved goodwill from the Oshodi kingpin.
sIKIRATU SINDODO YORUBA ACTRESS,sikiratu sindodo Mc Oluomo girlfriend,
Sikiratu Sindodo.

Now the women in Oluomo's life is a different kettle of fish entirely.Somehow he has a taste for Yoruba Movies actresses.Quite a few have been linked to him in the past rightly or wrongly.Among the Yoruba actresses linked to Mc Oluomo are,Sikiratu Sindodo,this affair i remember was all over the paper at the time it was going on,a lot of people seemed to think the coupe looked good together and they were the local David Beckham and Victori Beckham of Nigeria.But alas all good things come to an end,the two broke up and it was rumoured that Mc Oluomo demanded back for all the things he bought for Sindodo especially the Morano jeep she had been cruising around town in.

More of those link included-Ronke Oshodi Oke,Liz Da Silver,Da silver in particular got really messy cos it was rumoured that she got pregnant and Oluomo refused to accept the child as his.
Taiwo Aromokun,Fathia Balogun and most recently,the latest hottest thing on the Yoruba movie scene Sotayo Sobola.

Sotayo sobola rumoured to be Mc Oluomo's girlfriend,actress Sotayo sobola,Sotayo Sobola
Hot actress Sotayo Sobola.

Sotayo Sobola on her path has not denied being close to Oluomo.She vigorously defended him saying people have the wrong impression of Oluomo.She also said if people got closer to the man,they will realise he is a nice cool man who does a lot of good for so many people.Sotayo further goes on to say she will not deny knowing Oluomo like so many hypocrites do and come back later to come and beg for favours.
How ever she denied that she was his girl friend and insists that they are just very good friends.
The rumours won't go away though and some have gone as far as saying that Sotayo was actually married to Oluomo and was his 3rd wife.They also said Mc bought a Range Rover 2014 which Sotayo drives for her and sponsors her mant movies production.
But once again Sotayo has denied all this insisting its all talk and no man bought her Range Rover for her.But trust Nigerian press and the people,they will not leave it alone and went as far as saying she was pregnant for Oluomo,this was Sotayo's reaction to the talk in her won words:

“It is not true that I am in a relationship with MC Oluomo. I heard the rumours but the truth is that I do not react to every rumour peddled against me. Anytime people see me talking with someone that I don’t usually interact with, especially if the person is a man, they begin to assume that I am having an affair with the person. MC Oluomo is somebody that is in the public eyes, he is a socialite and once he is seen with somebody, people would begin to talk. I am close to him, we are friends, I don’t have anything against him and I respect him. Whenever I hear such things, I just laugh. Some people see me and jokingly call me his wife and I don’t argue with them, I just laugh it off. I think it is senseless for me to start explaining to people that there is nothing between us. No matter how much you try to clear yourself, nobody wants to believe you. I am not dating him, neither am I married to him because that is what I heard.

“How easy is it to get pregnant; I am not pregnant for him neither am I dating him. I am currently in a relationship. I have a boyfriend.”
But all this just goes to show you that Mc is a very popular man with the ladies.
As we all know ,women love a man with power and money,its an attribute they find very sexy,so if all these rumours are true,it won't be any surprise at all.
All over the world,women flock to rich and powerful men and Oluomo certainly falls into that category.

The Police meanwhile have stated that they know the killers of Mamok,The Lagos state Police Public Relation Officer, Joe Offor, while speaking with Lagos Metro on the killing Mamora, assured that the police would arrest the killers.Offor said they have identified them but no arrests have been made yet.I guess that means they are on the run.
Mamok or real name Mamora was on Wednesday night killed at a barbing saloon, very close to his house in Oshodi area of the state.Like i mentioned earlier,the talk is he might have been killed in revenge of Esi Oluwo, who was killed during the period of the Nigerian elections in 2015.

The PA Jeff Ajinrogun who said he saw Mc Oluomo kill his boss Esi Oluwo.
The PA who said he saw Mc Oluomo kill his boss Esi Oluwo.

baba esi Oluwo dead body,esi oluwo dead,
Esi Oluwo.
Mc Esi Oluwo had been a staunch member of the PDP,he was then wooed by the APC in Lagos state,and killed subsequently a little while after this period.
The personal assistant of Esi Oluwo,Jeff Ajirogun had made the serious allegation that Oluomo killed his boss.Jeff Ajirogun is a very brave man,you can't go around making such serious allegations publicly against a man such as Mc,but Jeff is adamant and insisted he saw Mc hitting his boss Oluwo on the head with a hammer.In an exclusive interview with Sahara Magazine,the PA Jeff Ajirogun said-

MC Oluomo shot him on his body but it didn’t penetrate so we started moving back but they had surrounded us. While we were trying to escape, what he was just saying was that this people have started their problem again. While we were stepping back, they were firing seriously but we made way for ourselves and started running because they were so many. As we were running away, they caught up with him. We were almost at dominion junction where the stuff started and we were heading towards Ajao estate. When we got to the express, that place popularly known as Airport junction, as we were trying to cross the road to the other side, the covet hit him and he fell. While he was down, Gomuna, Kamoru, Papi, Tino, Desoko, all are members of MC Oluomo’s gang, held him to the ground and hit him with weapons. so MC Oluomo came around too and hit him with hammer on his head….. 

So with this kind of accusations going round,you can see why it is being speculated that the death of Mamok might possibly have been as a revenge on Baba Esi's death.
Kunle Mamowora is survived by his aged mother, brother and three children.

Below is the documentary  "Louis Theroux's Law & Disorder in Lagos" on the BBC in which Mamok featured.

Mamok Oluomo update.
mamok Mc oluomo
The death of Adekunle Mamora, a.k.a Mamok, who was until his death one of MC Oluomo’s aides, is set to get justice even in death. Gathered that the NURTW lord had vowed that the killers of Mamok will be fished out and made to face the law of the land and indeed he has kept to his words.  

Detectives at the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, has apprehended one Lateef Olajumoke a.k.a spider,24, who was arraigned last week before an Ebute-Meta Magistrates’ Court and was remanded in prison pending legal advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions.

It will be recalled that Mamok used to live in the United Kingdom, where his family still reside before coming back home few years ago to work for MC Oluomo.  It was alleged that Mamok had a hand in the death of a factional leader of the NURTW, Olayemi Eniola, a.k.a Esi-Oluwo, and so some of Esi-Oluwo’s loyal boys decided to come for him.
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