Sunday, 20 September 2015

Ahmed Mohamed clock boy spoilt with gifts by Microsoft!

Wow! Microsoft the software giants spoil Ahmed Mohamed the clock boy with gifts!
The 14-year-old Sudanese-American Muslim who was arrested because a clock he built was mistaken for a bomb had lots of tech goodies delivered to him by Microsoft.

Its amazing how life can turn around in a split second.One moment Ahmed Mohamed was being arrested and handcuffed for bringing a home made clock to school.The authorities
had crazily suspected it could be a bomb or connected to one.Well,fast forward a moment later,the whole world knows Ahmed Mohamed's name,Microsoft are spoiling him with gifts,top names in the world are lauding and name checking him,and wait for it...The President of America,Barack Obama invited Ahmed to the White House!

Ahmed Mohamed the clock boy in handcuffs looks baffled.

Now who says life can't turn you around? Not Ahmed Mohamed the clock boy.I bet he sure is glad he made that clock and took it to school.


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