Thursday, 22 June 2017

Nigerian singer Harrysong welcomes twins with Abuja baby mama

harrysong twins with abuja baby mama

Nigerian pop star Harrysong became a father when he had a set of twins with his partner who is said to be based i Abuja.
The babies were set to have been welcomed into the world in a Beverley Hills based hospital in the USA in May 2017.
The twins who are a boy and girl have since been named PEREZ and TARELA respectively.
The baby mama trend has become a very catching trend in the music industry with most of the
Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Why London is Not The Only Place Under Terrorist Attack

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On the 22nd of May, 22-year old Salman Abedi exploded a shrapnel-loaded bomb killing himself and 23 others, injuring 119, some seriously, after an Arianna Grande concert in Manchester.
Twelve days later on the 3rd of June, in London, three terrorists killed 8 people and injured a further 48 before being gunned down by armed police.
The world media, and leaders, went into overdrive decrying the atrocities, holding vigils and benefit concerts for the victims, showing solidarity with the cities of London and Manchester.
But London and Manchester were not the only places in the world to come under attack by
Monday, 12 June 2017

Why singer Waje wants a reduction of her famous assets

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Apparently singer Waje's pipes are not the only huge thing about her,the singer has revealed she has other issues weighing her down that she would like to reduce.
Waje is open to the idea of having plastic surgery on her breasts, but not the one you have in mind. The singer recently revealed that rather than breast enhancement surgery, she
Saturday, 10 June 2017

14yr old Girl kills another with a gun over a Boy!

14 yr old Endia Martin..killed over a boy.very sad...
14 year old Endia Martin (pictured above) was killed on Monday April 28th by another 14 year old girl after they argued on Facebook about a boy. Is this what 14 year olds should be doing? Fighting over boys and killing each other? My goodness!

I have a 14 year old daughter so when i saw this news,i was terrified..sent a shiver down my spine! 14 year old's killing each other for a boy? Still can't believe it..these kids should still be playing with their dolls and make believe toys! And to make matters worse, it was adults who encouraged the killing..very the report to see what happened.

According to Chicago Times, the handgun used to kill Endia Martin had been brought to the scene by someone who knew the suspect and knew 'there was going to be a fight'

Friday, 9 June 2017

Why it is time to dissolve 1999 Nigeria constitution section 308

Image result for 1999 nigeria constitution section 308

The abrogation of the 1999 nigeria constitution section 308 is what we are going to look at.The recent alleged antics of the Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayoe, and others have again brought the spotlight on the infamous Section 308 of the Nigerian Constitution.
When his bank account was frozen by the EFCC due to un-explained monies in his possession, his party, The Peoples Democratic party (PDP) were quick to jump to his (Fayose) defence claiming “the freezing of Governor Fayose’s personal account was illegal and asked the EFCC to free the bank account immediately saying the action violates Section 308 of the 1999 Constitution”. In effect the EFCCs actions were unlawful, un-democratic and illegal.
The President, Vice-President, Governors and Deputy-Governors and a few others are
Wednesday, 7 June 2017

3 Commercial Spacecraft Operators To Sell Tickets for $150,000 (The New Space Race)

Image result for The New Space Race: 3 Commercial Spacecraft Operators To Sell Tickets for $150,000!

Gone are the days when America and Russia used to battle it out for supremacy in space ; trying to put the first man in space, landing a man on the moon and bringing him back safely. Nowadays the two old rivals are quite happy to invest their joint knowledge and resources in the maintenance of the International Space Station.
But there’s a new space race going on, not between two superpower nations, but between privately-owned space vehicle launching companies aiming to put the first commercial private astronaut into space, kicking off the much anticipated era of space tourism.
Soon we’ll be able to book flights to the very edge of space and back, effectively becoming

In Nigeria black lives matters too

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Recently there has been an international uproar at the number of black people being shot dead by the police in America. The situation has become so bad that an organisation called ‘Black Lives Matter’ has been set up to draw awareness to the problem. Endorsed by a number of top black American celebrities the group is working hard to prevent further extra-judicial killings through peaceful protests.
Far away from the shores of America, and the attention of the world media, the same thing is happening in Nigeria too: trigger-happy policemen – mostly SARS operatives – are shooting and killing innocent people on a daily basis. In most recent months well-
Tuesday, 6 June 2017

How to explore your mystical third eye

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Your third eye is an ethereal eye in the middle of our heads which enables us to see things beyond the scope and comprehension of the ordinary person. Opening it is akin to a mystical Yoruba practice called ‘weju’ – loosely translated to mean ‘wash your eyes’ or ‘open your eyes’ – which means the beholder can see not only into the future but other things.
We currently see things in Three Dimension where things have length, breadth and depth. Opening your third eye opens up a Fourth Dimension where possibilities are unlimited and its surprising that in this dimension we share our world with ghosts, disembodied entities,
Monday, 5 June 2017

Why it's time for Nigeria to end it's religious and tribal differences.

Image result for nigerian tribes and religion

Nigeria's tribal and religious differences has done more good than harm to the country.Nigeria is a country of many nations; many different people of different tribes, customs and religions fused together by our then English overlords in 1914.
Different people of different religious denominations and tribes forcibly put together can only spell one word – trouble!
When the English put us together in 1914 it was on the basis of ‘divide & rule’. It worked in their favour as it was easier to rule a country divided against itself – and at each other’s throats – than for them to rule a united people.
But that was over a hundred years ago.
Since then we’ve managed to stay together like an old married couple – though we don’t

Ways to enhance your spirituality life

Image result for enhance your spiritualitySome say Religion is the best thing to happen to man,some say it's the worst.In presenting this I’ll use the term ‘spirituality’ rather than the word ‘religious’. Religious to me (- I might be wrong!) limits one to believing in and reverence for a God. Spirituality, however, takes it a step further broadening one’s perspectives on God, religions (- and there’s many of them) and Mans spiritual connection with the Universe.
The first step in enhancing your spirituality is to minimize distractions; a clear-thinking head devoid of any worries or commitments. Most of the time these commitments are of a worldly nature; things we’re obsessed with, mostly material things, which take up our time.
Sunday, 4 June 2017

An interesting look at the Missing Chibok Schoolgirls

Image result for chibok girls released
I thought i'd repost this article about the Chibok girls.It was written before the latest news of the girl's return in 2017.But it is a pretty interesting angle.Enjoy.
It’s been over two years since more than two hundred girls were kidnapped from the Government Secondary School in Chibok by the Boko Haram sect. To this day the fate of all of them remains unknown despite a video of some of them recently released by their kidnappers. There are also reports that they have been physically and mentally abused with some of them being forced to become Muslims.
Their abduction led to an international cry for their release. The #BRINGBACK OURGIRLS

How President Buhari’s policies Have Led to Fuel Scarcity & Devaluation of the Naira:Is Nigeria at Crossroads Again?

Image result for president buhari policies

Examining President Buhari policies and where it has left Nigeria.Let me see if I can get this right.
According to recent public opinion, the incumbent President, the jet-setting boy from Daura , is incompetent. His policies have led to hyper-inflation, scarcity of fuel and foreign exchange, amongst other things. But yet again his predecessor was deemed to be incompetent too.
Now if the one who is trying to do something is incompetent and the person before him was incompetent is there anybody competent enough to rule a country called Nigeria?
Friday, 2 June 2017

America Was the Tiger Woods DUI arrest video really necessary?

The Tiger Woods arrest video where he had a sobriety test after suspicions of him (DUI)driving under the influence,was a really sad to think to see.I know all men are supposed to be equal,but they really are not are they?
Would Elvis Presley have been humiliated in the way Tiger was if the case was reversed? If he had been drunk like it was feared at first,i would have had absolutely no problem with that video being made public,but the man misjudged his drugs prescription from a recent back surgery.
Yes ,he could have killed himself,yes he could have killed or endangered others,but what if he was really fine when he left home and only felt the effects later,which was why he pulled over and parked his car?
Thursday, 1 June 2017

Looking at the myth of Governor Ayo Fayose ’‘Stomach Infrastructure’

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It’s very good that the governor of Ekiti state, Governor Fayose, can take time out from his busy schedule to feed the people of his state, handing out bags of rice and other edibles to the needy as part of his ‘stomach infrastructure’ programme. We all need to eat or we will cease to exist! While his humanitarian efforts, to make sure everybody eats, is highly commendable one ought to point out to the governor that if you feed a man a fish a day you’ll end up feeding him for the rest of his life. Whereas if you teach him how to fish not only will he be able feed himself and his family but others too. Some might say this equates to food- stamps or welfare enjoyed by some in Western nations. But with the current economic climate in Nigeria today it’s an exercise that is neither sustainable nor affordable.

Is mental health issues in Nigeria really being addressed?

Image result for mental health in nigeria

Mental health issues in Nigeria like everywhere else in the world is stigmatized.It's not only the mad people who wander the streets dressed in rags, talking to themselves, that have mental health issues. People will be surprised to learn that a lot of seemingly healthy and sane people have mental health issues.
Mental health problems covers a very wide spectrum ranging from the clinically insane ( 'were' or mad-man) who roam our streets, to those who were born with mental disorders and disabilities and finally to the closet mental health sufferers.
It's the last group, the closet-mental-health- sufferers, that I want to address here for they
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Why your family could be as bad as smoking cigarette for you

Image result for families at war
They say if you smoke there’s a very good chance you’ll get cancer and it’ll kill you. But yet again so also can your family.
Gone are the days when family used to be very close loving one another, looking out for one another and caring for one another.
Nowadays, unfortunately, we’re mostly at each other’s throat!
Our whole family structure has disintegrated over the years into a cesspit of sibling rivalry, jealousy, backstabbing, favouritism and many other bad things too numerous to mention here.
There is a common saying that says “we have met the enemy and they are us” or to translate it into a Yoruba saying of similar meaning – “the insects that have infested the bitter-leaf

Looking at Nigeria's Boko Haram Survivors and the Stockholm Syndrome

Image result for boko haram nigeria
Right now more and more people, hostages, are being rescued from the clutches of the Boko Haram sect. Many of them who were abducted as girls are returning as mothers having had children with their abductors.
Unfortunately many of the returning women are being ostracized by their own families and communities for having kids with their kidnappers. People can’t understand why they had relationships with their captors. Rejected by their own many of these women have expressed their desires to return to their ‘Boko Haram ‘husbands’ and people can’t understand why they would want to go back to such a dreadful place to live with equally dreadful people.

Why budget padding in Nigeria is the new way to steal

Budget padding in Nigeria is no longer news to the people.As the budget padding controversy rages on members of the public wonder what’s next.
When it comes to pilfering public funds Nigerian politicians ought to be awarded a Nobel Prize for the ingenious ways they devise to keep their fingers in the till. They will always find a way to circumvent whatever security firewalls are put in place.
Gone are the days when politicians used to be content with a ten percent commission from contracts awarded to friends and families. Now its widespread looting as seen in the days of
Tuesday, 30 May 2017

No More Go Slow and traffic jams Flying Cars are Here!

Image result for flying cars
Flying cars are here - they used to be the stuff of science fiction movies where every day ordinary-looking cars sprouted wings, concealed jet-engines or ducted fans took off from a road and flew away.
For over eighty years inventors have been tinkering with the idea of a practical roadable aircraft. Some flew and some didn’t and a great many didn’t make it past the drawing board. The most successful of them all, then, which actually flew, was Moulton Taylors Aerocar of 1949; it drove like an ordinary car and had detachable wings which you towed behind and affixed them once you got to an airfield.Unfortunately, despite its popularity it never made it

This is the Illusion of our Earthly Lives

Image result for in tana toraja in south sulawesi the dead

Every three years in the village of Toraja in South Sualwesi, in Indonesia they hold a very strange festival.
They exhume the bodies of their deceased relatives, clean them up, dress them in new clothes and put them on display.
While this might be grotesque, disgusting and not to everybody’s taste  the Cleansing of the Corpses festival is held so that the spirit of the deceased can return to its place of origin, hence the dressing up and all that. While this might conflict with everyone’s view of life after death it highlights one important fact – when we die all that we leave behind in this world is just a shrivelled corpse. It doesn’t matter how rich, famous, beautiful, handsome, good or
Monday, 29 May 2017

How to get an E-Million Dollar Business

Image result for e million dollar business

Most fortunes are made online these days, predominantly in the fields of apps and games development and social media.
Whilst everyone is not in the league – or have the resources – to develop the next Pokemon Go! Or Call of Duty games simple games have been developed by individuals that have gone on to be worldwide successes such as Angry Birds. A look around the Google or iTunes stores will show how many of these individual-created games are growing in popularity.
Without a doubt to create a game you will need coding skills. These can either be learnt online, in colleges or if you’re unsure of yourself you can farm it out to the professionals. Coding skills or not you still need a blueprint for how your game will work. To do this requires the old-fashion technique of writing things down on a piece of paper. Your
Sunday, 28 May 2017

The unanswered questions of the Patience Jonathan millions with EFCC

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The former First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, wrote to the Chairman of the EFCC claiming the ownership of more than $31 million found in various Skye Bank accounts. In an affidavit sworn before  the Federal High Court in Lagos she claimed the money was for her medical expenses.
So Mama Peace claims the money was for medical expenses?  Even though the whole of Nigeria finds this difficult to believe I don’t – she really needs a lot of money for her medical condition(s).
The sum she quoted for medical expenses is understandable when you realize she needs a full-time language therapist ( trying to teach someone to say ‘are you the only one who came?’ instead of ‘na only you waka come?’ can take forever!); an anger-management specialist( since she’s known to fly off the handle frequently); a travel-sickness specialist( since she spent most of her tenure as First Lady frequently jetting between Britain, Germany, Abuja and Bayelsa); an etiquette specialist and a relationship expert(after all she’s married to ex-President Jonathan Goodluck, PhD).

Niger Delta avengers: How To Appease the Warring Militants'

Image result for niger delta militants

Ever since oil was discovered in the Niger Delta more than sixty years ago the lives of the people, there, has been blighted by widespread ecological and environmental pollution. It has reduced people’s life expectancy, led to the abandonment of their primary occupations as farmers and fishermen as oil pollution has destroyed both land and fishing grounds. There is widespread unemployment and general unrest. This has led to general dissatisfaction amongst the people and is partially to blame for the renewed calls for the re-establishment of the defunct Biafra republic.
Disillusioned and unemployed youths have taken to arms destroying pipelines and installations and kidnapping oil workers in a bid to get something back. These groups go by many names and the notable of all, presently, is the Niger Delta Avengers – who are
Friday, 26 May 2017

Examining the impact Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg visit to Nigeria.

Image result for mark zuckerberg nigeria
Why is the visit of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to Nigeria such a big deal,or is it?According to CNN,the CEO has just made his first visit to ‘Sub-Sahara-Africa’ to witness the impact of his Facebook social media enterprise and to promote his Express WIFI internet service.
One should point it out to the CNN journalists and researchers, probably graduates from fourth-grade American universities, that there really isn’t a place called ‘Sub-Sahara-Africa’ anymore as it’s populated with countries that have names like ‘Nigeria’.
So Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg arrives in Nigeria, incognito, wearing his trademark low-key T-shirt and jeans and casually strolls into the Yaba offices of Co-creation Hub and Andela.

How to avoid the Nigeria poverty trap

Image result for poverty in nigeria

Poverty in Nigeria is such a taboo subject for a country that has no business of having a poor citizen.Boko Haram fanatics in the North, militants blowing up oil installations in the South-East, lawless marauding Fulani herdsmen, cultists killing each other in broad daylight, murderers, fraudsters and kidnappers – what do they all have in common or what is the common denominator?
The World Bank describes the poverty trap as a spiralling mechanism which forces people to remain poor, forever, with no means of escape.
People caught up in the poverty trap are most likely to turn to mischief to either supplement their income or as a means to escape their predicament.
Youths in the North have little or nothing to do. Their land is infertile. There are no factories or offices for them to work in; not enough institutions of higher learning for them to learn a

Learning and discovering the secret to success.

Image result for secret to success

Discovering the secret to success is not as hard as it seems to many.We all want to be successful in life; whether it is in our professional or private lives.
We want successful relationships’, successful careers and we want to be seen as being successful in everything we do in the eyes of the world.
Schools of thought will have us believe that to be successful you need to harness your talent; work hard and it’ll all work out.
They are wrong!
The true secret to being successful in life is to un-learn everything you think you know.
Un-learning means breaking with tradition and setting off on a different tangent on your

Diagnosing the real trouble with Nigeria.

How many times have we try to diagnose the problem with Nigeria?In his acclaimed publication ‘The Trouble with Nigeria’ published 33 years ago, in 1983, the late Chinua Achebe pointed out that the ‘ the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership’.
Thirty-three years on this is still true but with an added ‘but’.
Nigeria is a very difficult country to govern: if not the most difficult in the world to govern. You have three major tribes with god-knows-how-many sub-tribes. Three major languages are spoken with over four hundred dialects. There are supposedly two major religions – Christianity and Islam – and again god-knows-how-many different heathen gods that are also worshipped.
Again you have over a hundred and eighty million inhabitants, most living below the poverty
Monday, 22 May 2017

Women at the top is the new axis of power-get used to it!

Image result for women prime ministers and presidents 2017

Who rules the world,girls,a popular song says.Well,the Americans whenheading to the polls to elect a new President thought Hilary will come out victorius.But the Republican contender, Donald Trump, pulled a last minute trick out of his hat and this never happened.
So she didn't get to join two other female leaders – Theresa May of GB and Angela Merkel of Germany -  to form a new axis of power. This means that almost a third of the G8 nation leaders will be women. Already Christine Lagarde heads up the International Monetary Fund and for a while Diezani Alison-Madueke was the President of the all-powerful OPEC organisation.
The joke currently circulating around political circles is that the women are coming in to

Getting used to the fantassy of Donald Trump being American president.

Image result for american president donald trump
It still feels weird months later ,saying the words-American president Donald Trump.Just when you thought it was safe to come out from behind the sofa,Trump
trumps Hilary Clinton to become the 45th President of America.

In a shock election victory he won 276 electoral college votes to Hilary Clinton 218. The Americans must have been finger-printing the wrong ballot papers!

Love him or hate. He might be a crass, rude, arrogant and bullying billionaire but he has managed to pull off one of the greatest political coups of all time; with absolutely no experience in politics, whatsoever, he managed to hoodwink the Republican party into accepting him as a Presidential candidate, took over the party, became the front runner and won the presidential elections. A great feat for the business mogul-reality TV show host. 

How to get past hell and be the greatest come back kid in troubled times

Image result for how to overcome hardship in life

How to overcome hardship in life is what we are going to address here.
One of the most famous quotes ever was“…When you’re going through Hell, keep on going! Never, never never give up…” by Winston Churchill

By some cruel twist of fate you’ve lost it all – everything! The house, the job, the wife, the kids, the cash – everything’s gone!
Or you haven’t lost all the aforementioned (-yet) and you’re spiralling downwards rapidly and things aren’t working out in your life; debts are piling up, business is going under and you’re pulling you’re hair out in frustration at your inability to control your predicament.
Normally when you’ve fallen from a great height and suddenly find yourself face down in