Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Serena lays down the law as Drake shares another woman's picture!

Serena reacted to Picture Drake shared calling Anna Wintour Bae.

Serena Williams warns another woman off Drake in a lovely style! Hmmm..He had better take a hint now,Serena ain't gonna stand for no silly games,and  if Drake messes her about,she might just beat him up! All those years of playing tennis must have given her powerful arms and wrists! So
here's what happened.

Drake shared a pic on instagram with 65 year old Anna Wintour and playfully labelled it "Me and Bae" Well Serena wasn't fooled by that age thing,she quickly replied with a hold up sign! Hahahahaha,what i like about this is,it shows Serena 's sense of humour,or did it? Maybe girl friend is serious! lol

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