LUIS MARTINEZ the wrestler who was hugely famous in the 1970s and 80s dies
Luis Martinez wrestler.
iF you were growing up in the 80's,you surely must have remembered the song "Luis Martinez,Mil Mascaras,Argentinaaaaaa Apollooooo" sang to the melody of the Dynasty tune-I've Just Begun To love You.That was how popular wrestling was in Nigeria and Africa in those days,especially the IWA,international wrestling association and NWA.One of the main players who delighted wrestling fans all over the world for over 40 years wrestling well into his 60s was Luis Martinez.His popularity
among Nigerian wrestling fans even saw Luis Martinez visiting our shores in the early 80s and performing in a number of selected cities, among them Lagos and Port-Harcourt and Martinez is particularly remembered for his ''Aeroplane spin'' as well as his ''ARRIBA'' victory cry.

Luis spent his last years in a retirement home battling Alzheimer's disease and suffered severe memory loss, not recognizing friends or family who came visiting and not even remembering that he was at one time, a wrestler. The light has finally gone out.
R.I.P. Luis Martinez.

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