My Height is a Blessing to my Mum and My Family-Paw paw (Osita Iheme)

My Height is a Blessing to my Mum and My Family-Paw paw (Osita Iheme)

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PawPaw Osita Iheme

Osita Iheme a.k.a Paw Paw gave a recent interview where he talked about his height,family,marriage,nudity in Nollywood and his closeness to President Goodluck Jonathan.Enjoy some  excerpts from the interview: 

You are one of the favourite faces in the Nollywood, but recently, it seems you have diverted a title bit or kept a low profile. What really prompted this? 

No, I don’t think so. What do you mean by I kept a low profile? That shows you have not fully been following the movie. Have you been to Alaba for a while now? (…laughs) Maybe you have not been watching some movies lately. 
Do you ever query your mum why you have this stature? Why should I do that, my parents are not God. I don’t have to worry her over that. I believe if she knows, she might have tried to do something about it. I know she must have been furious about it when she discovered that I am of small stature, but I feel good because what is supposed to be a burden to her and the entire family is now a blessing. I am happy and my family is happy as well.
 How has this name and stature brought you fame? 
I thank God in every situation and place I found myself.  The moment I discovered that this is the way I am, I asked myself what was the next thing to do, but the spirit in me said I should remain focused. The secret is that I don’t see myself as short until when people draw my attention to it. I have come to realise that it is not by size and it requires that I will definitely get my own portion. It is always good to know who you are and where you are coming from.Some people don’t really know who they are and it is good to communicate with God to discover yourself. If you don’t have a close relationship with Him, you won’t be able to identify who you really are. You need to see yourself as an important personality. Being a peculiar person attracts people to me and I have never looked inferior due to my stature, it has rather turned my disability into ‘This ability’ and it has helped me a lot. I give thanks to God for giving me this wisdom that enabled me to think on what to do at the right time. Opportunity is like a boy without a parent or guardian; it means you can jam it anywhere, especially when you come out from your comfort zone. My look or stature created so many opportunities for me. 
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Aki and Pawpaw in action

The emergence of Aki and Pawpaw gave the movie industry a new face, both of you usually command attention, it even got to a stage movie is not complete without showcasing Aki and Pawpaw. What do you feel with this development? 

No doubt, Aki and Pawpaw gave the Nollywood another name because of the peculiar nature of the actors coming together in the movie world. Our coming together in the industry created another perception of how people view and relate with people with a small stature. We came to break the barrier and correct the wrong impression and stigma placed on us. We were able to state clear that no matter your disability, you can still make it in your life time. You have the right to do what you wish irrespective of your environment or discriminations. And with the grace of God, we did it and through this, we have been able to educate a lot of people. 
But it seems the intimacy is not what it used to be, considering the rumour doing the rounds that Aki had dumped you for his wife. What do you see to this? 
Getting married is not a big deal. It is a good move for a man to wake up one morning and say he wants to get married. I don’t think we will have any barrier in our closeness or relationship. I don’t know why the rumour is doing the rounds that we have parted ways. You know people like to make news out of what is not. If we were not in good terms, would I be his best man? 
But you guys no longer live together as before?
Yes. We were living together before, but we had to re-adjust our bachelor life since he is married. As a matter of fact, we visit each other.
How did you feel when that woman suddenly came to snatch him away from you? 
A bachelor must have it at the back of his mind that one day a woman will come in and take charge of the house.
The Brothers

Considering the intimacy, people thought you guys would also make a record by knotting the tie same day? 

(…Laughs) God has a way of doing things and since God wants it that way it will definitely happen. It seems you are enjoying your bachelor life? I am enjoying my life. You know everyone has the right to enjoy life, either bachelor or not, that is why we are here. People, especially your fans, can’t wait to see you get married? It is a good thing. I am inviting all and sundry for a day like that and I know they will all come.
Is that what we are talking about now?
We are talking about political issues in the country; you have to secure your life first before you can talk about all these things. We are talking about the way forward. When you get the way forward then you will now build future for the children. 

What is your take on the emerging nude films being produced? 

That is what I was saying. A lot of people came into the industry to do all sorts with the mindset of making waves by all means. It is after one gives them a hand that you see them going naked all in an attempt to become a star. To me, it is uncalled for. You don’t have to show the size of your boobs before people know that you have penchant for acting. We are warning them, especially those girls and the directors that want to use the industry as a medium to flaunt their bodies. We are taking necessary steps to stop whoever wants to tarnish the image of the association.
You are speaking authoritatively; have you also dreamt to become the next president of the association?
No. I have not thought of that, but if tomorrow comes, I can go. For me, I always nurture the idea to lead my people. It might not be Nollywood.
Are you comfortable with the governance of President Jonathan? 
Fine; I am comfortable with it, but you know when you are in governance, there are lots of challenges and oppositions I think so far, President Goodluck Jonathan has been doing well. Take a look at the power sector. He is making sure that Nigerians enjoy electricity and other things. At the same time, he still faces other political issues on the new and the old but all these lies on the aspiration of the Nigerian youths. The problem is that the new generations are no more asking questions and it is until we begin to ask questions that our leaders will begin to think right. The Nigerian dream we are talking about is the youths.
Pawpaw with President Goodluck Jonathan

How is the experience like with your being close to the president?

He is the president and we are the subjects. I don’t think it is a bad idea to be close to my President. 
Even your intimacy with his children?
If you are closer to a president’s child, that means you are close to the president too. His children are still in their tender age. If you are close to me now you will be close to my family as well. To me, it is a great privilege to be close to the commander in chief of the most popular black nation. It is an honour and I feel very proud to have such opportunity.  The experience has been awesome and interesting because it is a big open family.

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