Delegates who are supposed to solve Nigeria's Problems haggle for More Money

Delegates who are supposed to solve Nigeria's Problems haggle for More Money

The selfless Nigerians
Some delegates have been invited to Abuja for a 3 month period where they will debate and find solutions to some of Nigeria's problems.For this incredibly demanding and torturous task,which they will carry out under the scorching sun and not housed in the best hotels in Abuja,with the best food and best of everything,they will be paid a tiny and degrading sum of 1 Million Naira per week EACH!

So that is 12Million Naira each for the 3 months.Now these delegates are complaining that these fee is not enough as they want the Government to also pay for their aides..drivers cook etc...Now if these are the people who will help solve Nigeria's problem,WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE cos these people don't give a damn about the country,they only care about themselves and their pockets.They are all multi millionaires but cant make a single sacrifice for their country..

They are being paid 1 Million Naira a week for 12 weeks ,yet they want more.Where does this say or show these peole are selfless people who want whats best for the country? They will probably get to the conference and start negotiating for deals..very sad..How much does doctors,Teachesrs,graduates and policemen earn in Nigeria? yet these men are not satisfied with 12 million naira for 3 months.How much does the Prime Minister of Britain earn or the President of USA? I REALLY FEAR FOR MY COUNTRY..REALLY SAD...
Here's a report on teh so called delegates haggling over more money...
Some delegates of the newly constituted National Conference which had its first session yesterday in Abuja have asked for financial allowances to be made available to their aides who
they say would help ease the burden of the task before them.
Each delegate is to collect N12million as incentive for participating in the confab which is expected to last for 3 months..but that money is not enough, they also want their PAs and drivers to be paid
"We need to know the number of aides we are to employ,” One of the delegates, Senator Mohammed Jibrin enquired from the leaders.
However the secretary of the  Conference, Mrs. Valeria Azinge, said there was no provision for personal aides, informing them that the Federal Government had made provision for their accommodation, transportation and sitting allowances. Continue...

Meanwhile yesterday at the conference, Senator florence Ita Giwa told her fellow delegates that most of the problems facing Nigeria today was created by them.
"Most of the people here are the ones that created the problems in this country. We are also here to correct those mistakes and forge a new path for the country.”
Ita-Giwa cautioned the delegates against making frivolous demands, saying that after all, a majority of the delegates at the confab contributed to the problems the nation was facing now.

Ita-Giwa expressed concern at the formal sitting of the confab, maintaining that it was better for the delegates to sit down and work rather than demanding for all sorts of things which were not part of why they were there.

She told her colleagues that the essence of the conference was to address the problems facing the unity of the country.

“We are here to address the problems, we are responsible for most of the problems, and therefore we should sit down and do the work rather than asking government to do this or that.” She said
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