Hiv Positive British Mum who thought Only African's Got Hiv/Aids!

Hiv Positive British Mum who thought Only African's Got Hiv/Aids!

A 48 year old mother of three Rachael Dilly who got diagnosed with HIV in 2004 said before she got the disease,she never knew a white person could contract Hiv/Aids as she thought it was only black people in Africa who had Hiv/Aids! 
I just find this revelation incredible! Didn't she watch television or read the papers? Hear the news? I am flabbergasted to think anyone in the western world could actually think this.

Speaking with hosts of ITV Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, yesterday, Racheal Dilly said

she got infected after she dated a man she met online and had unprotected sex with him. She said she started falling ill when they ended their relationship and she was asked to go do HIV test after all other test conducted read negative.
"I just didn't know anything about it. I just thought you got it in Africa. I didn't know a white person had ever got it". Dilly said to her amazed hosts yesterday.She went on to explain that a week after taking the test, she received the devastating news that she was, indeed, HIV positive. 

'I felt like I was walking into a black hole - and my first words were "am I going to die"?  
'It sounds stupid now - as now I know that HIV is not a death sentence.
'My children, who were teenagers at the time, took the news well - as did my mother when she was alive.'
source Daily Mail uk

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