Oscar Pistorius and his ridiculous testimony on day 2 of trial

Oscar Pistorius and his ridiculous testimony on day 2 of trial

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Oscar Pistorius once again broke down in court today and frankly it's becoming boring..Oscar Pistorius probably is really and truly sorry for what he did,but theres no doubt in my mind that Pistorius killed that poor girl after a row.And reading Oscar's testimony today is just so ridiculous..he shoots himself in the foot so many times..excuse the pun...Pistorius says his girl friend was with him when they heard the sound..how did she get away from him?Without telling him she was going to the toilet? And why would she lock the door when it was just two of them in the house?If you are alone with your girl friend and either of you goes to the toilet at 3 am in the morning,you only shut the door,you don't lock it..that girl was trying to get away from him because she was scared...he probably threatened her...theres so much more..but read this report yourself....
"I wasn't sure where to point the firearm. My eyes were going between the windows and the toilet. I stood for some time. I just stayed where I was and kept on screaming. Then I heard a noise from inside the toilet that I perceived to be somebody coming out of the toilet. Before I knew it, I had fired four shots at the
door." He said. Continue...

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Describing the events leading up to Reeva's death, Oscar said Reeva cooked him dinner and they ate together at around 7pm. He went to his room just before 8pm and opened the balcony because it was "very humid". Pistorius said he fell asleep between 9pm and 10pm, then woke up in the early hours of 14 February because it was "extremely warm" in the bedroom.
"I noticed that the fans were still running and the door was still open. Reeva was still awake. She rolled over to me and said 'Can't you sleep my baba?'", to which I replied: "No I can't, not tonight".
He said he grabbed a fan, locked the sliding doors and then drew the curtains. He then returned to the room and heard the sound of "window sliding open". He thought the noise was coming from someone who had climbed inside the house from the bathroom window.
It was at this point that I heard a window sliding open in the bathroom. I heard the window hit the frame. I thought that a burglar had got into the house. I think I initially just froze. That's the moment that everything changed.
The first thing that ran through my mind was to protect Reeva and I and to get my gun. I rushed as quick as I could, with my hand in front of me, at times touching the floor before grabbing my firearm from underneath the bed.
At that point I just wanted to put myself between the person who had gained access to my house and Reeva. I slowed down and had my firearm extended in front of me. I whispered to Reeva to get down and phone the police.
As I entered where the bathroom passage is, I was overcome with fear. I screamed at the person to get out. I screamed at Reeva. I was constantly aware this person could come at me at any time. I did not have my legs on. Just before I got to the bathroom, I heard a door slam. It could have only been the toilet door. It confirmed that there was a person or people inside the bathroom.'
'I got to the entrance of the bathroom at the end of the passage where I stopped screaming. At this point I was certain that the intruders were in the bathroom.
I had my pistol in my right hand and peered into the bathroom.I didn't have much mobility on the tiles. I had my pistol raised to the corner of the entrance of the bathroom. I noticed that the bathroom window was open. I was with my back against the wall. I wasn't sure if the intruders were in the toilet or around the corner at that point. Then I heard a noise from inside the toilet that I perceived to be someone coming out of the toilet. Before I knew it I had fired four shots at the door. My ears were still ringing - I couldn't hear anything - so I kept shouting for Reeva to phone the police."
When I didn't hear anything from Reeva, I panicked. I didn't want to believe it could be Reeva inside the toilet. I didn't know what to do. I kicked the door. I was crying out, I was screaming. I used my cricket bat to smash down the toilet door and found Reeva. I have never screamed like that. 'I said "Oh, Reeva". I sat over her and cried."
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