Whats The Point of all these Useless Associations,PMAN et al,If they can't Save THE LIFE of Members?

Whats The Point of all these Useless Associations,PMAN et al,If they can't Save THE LIFE of Members?

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James Iroha Giringory,the Masquerade Legend,died battling illness and blindness that could have been prevented years before his death with adequate treatment.

What is the  point of all these useless associations in our entertainment industry if they can't save a life due to the flimsy excuse of no Funds for medical treatment? I have lost count of Musicians and Actors going round with a bowl begging for money and losing their dignity over what should have been done quietly and taken care of in house by their Associations.

Zara,could and should have been saved.

We lost Zara Gretty a few days ago due to lack of funding to get treatment...Pa Kasunmu almost died recently..OJB was the same case,one of the actors from the New Masquerade went blind for what could easily have been avoided with little money..so many have been homeless...died...and much more..it is a very sad situation indeed.And just a few minutes ago i read about another actor  Chris Nkulor,who is seriously ill with Kidney problems and needs help.When is all this gonna stop?Is Nigeria the only country with sick people? So why can't we manage our affairs?

Chris Nkulor,The latest actor suffering from Kidney ailment and in need of fundings.

Yet they all fight like warriors to become Presidents of these Associations,but why? It's surely not because they have the goodwill of their members at heart..its cos of the money they are gonna embezzle.If that is not so,tell me when was the last time they too care of a members medical bills or help a member that fell on hard times and had no where to stay.I have lost count of those who have died..i can't even remember their names..you just read they are in trouble and need help..then the next thing they are dead! And thats one of teh reasons why most of the entertainers don't take these associations serious anymore cos they must think,what's the use?Whats the point? what do they do for us?

Piracy,they haven't been able to do nothing or come up with a good deterrence, when they are ill and dying,they haven't been able to help the members,so what the hell are they good for? All they know how to do is,lobby for money from the State Governments when one of them dies to pay for and arrange a burial ceremony! And every time that has happened,there has been a scandal..saying the money was misspent.
Sad thing is these people don't realise that by not laying a proper foundation,it could be them next year dying of cancer or a kidney ailment and needing medical funds urgently.It is embarrassing that every time one of them is seriously ill,they have to take their cups and beg publicly losing their dignity..VERY SAD INDEED.
Now would this not be a very simple solution :

  • Make it a law that every artiste must be a registered member of their respective Associations
  • Every Actor or Musician must pay x amount of money every month or year into a set up fund.
  • Every Producer who releases a movie must pay X amount of money into the same fund.
  • Every time a Musician releases a single or album,they must pay x amount into that same fund
  • If there are any other ways the members agree on that they could raise funds or pay into funds,it should be added..now bear in mind we are not talking huge fees here..just a token fee..but when you consider how many musicians and actors we have in Nigeria,you will realise that these monies will be tangible at the end of every year.
  • When you add this to the money the Government gives the Association,you begin to have a kitty.
Part of the money in the kitty also could be used to support the actors and musicians who have fallen on hard times..like a pension.This is done in other countries.Nigerian's are proud,so for anyone to receive this little money monthly to help them,they must have been really down and out on their luck.

Now this is the best part,take out insurance on the health and living conditions of all members and you pay the premium from the money in the kitty,so when anyone is seriously ill,there is an avenue ready to pay for this.And members don't have to wait till they are almost dead before they get fundings from the public..also everything is done quietly and these members keep their dignity intact.
Surely it doesn't take a genius to figure all this out..so why can't these people do this? WHY MUST WE ALWAYS BE SELFISH,GREEDY,WICKED AND THOUGHTLESS in Nigeria?
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