Maheeda,how long can she keep it going for?

Maheeda Nigeria

I dont know how long Maheeda can keep this up for,admittedly Maheeda is beautiful and she's got a gorgeous body..but it's getting to a stage where only a  movie will shock her fans...lol..Maheeda has shown so much and shocked so much..but where can she go next from here?
Maheeda says she's getting paid ridiculous sums of money so she will keep having fun..I also
discovered that Maheeda is one of the most searched names in Nigeria..so maybe it's high time Maheeda ran a website and fully exploit this,Hmmm that's a though..and i can be her manager..Maybe i should give Maheeda a call..lol

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  1. Thats maheeda for u. Just consistent in what she does. People like this when they stop they don't return to it. Its fun to her so it is difficult for anyone to advise her against it. By the way u will surely hammer as her manager!