Kaduna Governor,Yero visits Bomb Victims in embarrassing Hospital

Kaduna state Governor, Mukhtar Yero visits Kaduna bomb victims in Hospital! Hospital?What hospital?Wey the hospital? This is embarrassing and shameful.This hospital is in a deplorable state!These guys visit the western countries,they are always travelling,we have more raw cash than most of those countries,why
can't they say i want my country to look like this?If i was a Governor and an hospital in my state looks like this i will be ashamed! So what exactly do they do with the money in the coffers?I know,you are not expected answer that question cos we all know the answer. Look at this Hospital? Oh my God! Nigeria is not a place for the average man.Can you really blame those who don't come back to the country for 20 years when they get the chance to travel? Would you wanna come back to this?
If you have no money in Nigeria just forget it,If a Governor serves for 4 years and he can't point to good roads,good hospitals,good schools and security as a basic form of achievement,then he has been a failure..The funny thing is after the visit to this hospital,nothing will be done about it still.There are better things to be done,like campaign for the next election and many cars and houses to buy...Dearis God ooo..But i don't think he's in Nigeria!

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