Sunday, 6 July 2014

Neymar broken back Xray Pic &More Pictures

"picture of The most talked about back bone in world football"..Neymars broken Vertebra.
Neymar being eased into the helicopter taking him away
Neymar waving to fans and well wishers.
The X ray picture of Brazilian superstar's broken (vertebra)back has surfaced."The X ray clearly shows the Cracked vertebra".Medics have said it could have been much more as Neymar could have been in danger of paralysis if the injury had been worse.
A day after he was ruled out of the remainder of the "World Cup", Neymar was flown to his home in Guaruya, Sao Paulo by medical helicopter to begin his recovery.

Neymar was first flown to Brazil's training ground in Rio where he had a tearful re-union with his team-mates, he then waved to hundred of fans and media before taking off along with his father.

Still hard to believe Neymar is out of the Brazil World Cup.

Neymar about to take off to recover from his back injury.

The 22year old striker fractured a verterbra on Friday after Colombian player Juan Zuniga smashed his knee into his lower back. Speaking about the injury, a tearful Neymar said in a video

"My World Cup has not ended, it has been interrupted by a play but the tournament goes on and I told my team-mates to do everything in order to help me achieve my dream to be world champion,' Neymar said.

Neymar the Brazilian striker saw his dream to play in the Final of the world cup destroyed.
The camera is always around when you see Neymar
Neymar and father about to take off to his home to recover from his injury.

Neymar Getting a hug from Thiago Silva
Another hug for Neymar  from David Luiz
Neymar goes for a  re-union with his team mates
"My dream was to play at a World Cup final but I'm certain my team-mates will be champions. 'I will be there with them, and all Brazilians will soon be celebrating all of that.'

Neymar with the president of the Brazilian Football Condederation Jose Maria Marin

The Knee to the back of Neymar that brought tears to the Brazilina nation

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