Cliff Richard scandal,Saint or Sinner?

Cliff Richard scandal,Saint or Sinner?

British police are investigating cliff richard over allegations that he abused under age boys

Cliff Richard latest.The Peter Pan of Pop Cliff Richard alleged to have assaulted an underage boy ? This is not a headline i thought i'd see in a million years! Sir Cliff Richard has always been a man in the news.Right from the start of his career when he was perceived as the British Elvis Presley.Back them Cliff Richard was deemed as controversial because of
his moves which conservative watchdogs found too sexy.Cliff Richard too sexy?Don't laugh,but yes this was true back in the day.Now why would a man who was very successful,in fact that's an understatement.Cliff Richard is one of the most successful British solo artist ever!

 So we are talking a mega mega star here.So back to my question,why would a man with all the success,who is better looking than your average guy,looks incredibly young for his age,has all the money in the world,works in an industry reputed for its excesses
,decide to or portray an image as a man who does not indulge in sex or even relationships and has no desire to marry even though their are millions of women who are dying to change this bachelor boy? "He is the third-top-selling singles artist in the United Kingdom's history, with total sales of over 21 million units in the UK and has reportedly sold an estimated 250 million records worldwide". Cliff Richard has had more than 130 singles, albums and EP'S make the UK Top 20, more than any body else and holds the record as the only British act to make the UK singles charts in all of its first six decades (1950s–2000s). Sir Cliff Richard has also had 14 UK No. 1 singles and is the only singer to have had a No. 1 single in the UK in 5 consecutive decades: the 1950s through to the 1990s!Songs like Summer Holiday,We don't talk anymore,Living Doll,The young ones,Devil woman,Miss you nights,Carrie,Daddy's home,Mistle toe and wine, just to mention a very few had made Cliff Richards one the biggest names in world music.
The police raided Cliff Richar's home looking for evidence and clues
Police arriving at Cliff Richards property.
With all these questions,its no wonder Cliff Richards sex life has always been a fascinating subject for onlookers.Personally i am always wary of anyone who comes across like they don't indulge .I believe everybody has a need or needs .At the same time, there are different kinds of needs,so how you are getting yours might be different to how i am getting mine,but i will always bet my bottom dollar you are getting it somehow!
Like many showbiz personalities who have hidden their  personal lives or gave impression it doesn't exist,rumours and insinuations will always follow them.
Cliff Richard has had his fair share of rumours for a long time and he surer is used to them.We are all used to them.I don't bat an eyelid when i see an article debating Cliff Richards sex life or lack of one.My reaction was always "aww not again" leave this man alone,if you haven't found nothing all these years,you surely won't find nothing now.So stop these rumours already.
Cliff Richard's home in Portugal where he was when the Police invaded his property in Sunningdale,England.
But alas, seems like i could be wrong.A big news of Cliff Richard's assaulting an underage boy broke  yesterday,August 14th 2014.A date i'm sure Cliff Richard will very much want to forget.In fact i am guessing it is the worst day of Sir Cliff's 73 years on planet earth.Cliff Richard has always enjoyed his whiter than white image,he is a born again christian like everybody knows and does not waste time talking about his christian faith.In fact he was one of the very first Rock and Rollers who "gave his life to Christ" back in the 60s.
So imagine the shock when the news took the airwaves suggesting that in 1985,when well know American Evangelist,Billy Graham came to the UK for a Christian rally in Sheffield,at the Braham Lane Stadium,Sir Cliff Richard assaulted a School boy under 16 sexually?!!
The very thing Sir Cliff Richard held so dearly,his christian values now being suggested could be the very medium and platform he used to commit one of the most terrible things an adult could do to a child(assualting an underage)? Surely this is unthinkable?But that is exactly the allegations and accusations thrown at Sir Cliff Richard.

The police descended on his property in Sunningdale Berkshire with full force! Five police cars were seen leaving his property after five hours of searching the property.They carted away tons of what could be evidence.A few things seemed unusual though,normally the Police try as much as possible not to release any details in cases like these.Take for example when they were investigating the jailed and disgraced Rolf Harris,the Australian star who was convicted and jail for s3xual offences.The police gave so little away during the investigations and would not even mention him by name.In Sir Cliff Richards case,the press was tipped off,the BBC reporting staff were at the scene way before the police came.The Police openly spoke about the case afterwards and what really struck me was when the police spokesman used the words"No one has been arrested at the stage" He had already said before then that the owner of the property was not present during the search,so why did he have to say no one has been arrested at this stage when that was very obvious? That sounds to me like,it hasn't happened now,but it will at a later date.
The allegation is understood to relate to a major stadium rally in Sheffield by US preacher Billy Graham in June 1985. Pictured: Cliff Richard with Billy Graham at a 1984 rally at Birmingham's Villa Park

Sir Cliff Richard was not present like the police said during the search,Cliff has holiday homes in Portugal and Barbados and he was in Portugal at the time of the search.The scary thing is the boy alleged to have been abused or assaulted by Cliff Richard was said to have been between the ages of 10 -16 at the time.Gosh,this would be terrible if proven true.It will make Cliff Richard who everyone had thought to be a saint,another dirty old man,in fact worse than that.
As expected,Cliff Richard has come out fighting and denied the suggestions and allegations.He said he had heard rumours about him being involved in some kind of scandal over the last 2 years.So i guess he was expecting a scandal,or maybe not.He also said in a statement that he had chosen not to dignify the rumours online with a statement or a response so as not to give it more oxygen.
'The allegations are completely false. Up until now I have chosen not to dignify the false allegations with a response, as it would just give them more oxygen. 
'However, the police attended my apartment in Berkshire today without notice except, it would appear, to the Press.
'It goes without saying that I will co-operate fully should the police wish to speak to me.'

He was said to be shocked yesterday when he learnt that police were searching his penthouse suite in Sunningdale after live television images of the raid were beamed around the world.

Officers are expected to question the star as soon as he flies back to the UK. Sir Cliff accused police of leaking the raid to the media yesterday, saying he had no notice of the searches being carried out.

I personally would not have been surprised if it had been an expose of Sir Cliff Richard being caught in a compromising position with an adult,cos like i said ,we are all human with our needs.What i didn't expect was Cliff Richard being linked to an underage boy,i did not see that coming at all and it hit me right between the eyes!

The only woman Cliff Richard admitted sharing a bed with,Carol Costa,wife of his former Shadows bandmate,Jeff Harris.
The only woman Cliff Richard admitted sharing a bed with,Carol Costa,wife of his former Shadows bandmate,Jeff Harris.

In the past Cliff Richard has been linked with stars such as Sue Barker ,the British tennis player and Olivia Newton John.Cliff Richard himself admitted to almost proposing to Sue Barker but said he realised he did not love her enough to wanna spend the rest of his life with her.Apparently nothing intimate happened between both but it was a passionate relationship.It had been reported that the only woman Cliff Richard was intimate with was the Carol Costa,wife of one of his ex band mates from the shadows,Jeff Harris.

Sue Barker,the girl Cliff Richard said he almost married.

John McElynn,the Catholic Priest Cliff Richard has been living with,who helps to manage his business.

At the age of 22,he also allegedly had a love affair with actress Una Stubbs.But recently Sir Cliff had been constantly linked with former Roman Catholic priest John McElynn. The two have been living together for a few years and there has been constant rumours that they are partners.Sir Cliff has denied this saying all the times they lived together,John McElynn had his girl friend living with them as well, but the media never knew or mentioned this.He described John McElynn as a blessing and he helps manage his property portfolio. 
It was also reported that Cliff was sick to death about rumours of him being gay or rumours about his sexuality.Those rumours have been around for ever.They are common Cliff Richard newsThis scandal won't help them go away.Investigations currently ongoing will determine if Sir Cliff Richard,is a Saint  or sinner.

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