Ebola-Why African Leaders are not fighting for experimental drug Zmapp!

Ebola-Why African Leaders are not fighting for experimental drug Zmapp!

Ebola-Why African Leaders are not fighting for experimental drug Zmapp!
Nigerian Nurse Obi Justina Ejelonu, is her country doing enough to save her life?
Why can't African Governments get the experimental Ebola Virus drug Zmapp to save their people?The 75 year old Spanish Priest who contracted Ebola in West Africa and was flown back to Spain is now
being treated with the experimental drug Zmapp.Now the same Zmapp drug was used for the "two American missionary Doctors" who were also infected in West Africa.
President Obama turned down requests of sending the experimental drugs to Africa.Saying Africa should concentrate for now on how to contain the disease and educate the masses etc.But the question i ask myself is,why is the drug good enough for the Americans and now the Spanish Priest but not for the Africans? I can't really blame President Obama,they are not Americans afterall,he is taking care of his own citizens,why can't our leader and the other African leaders get this Zmapp drug for their own people?It says the Spanish Priest had his drug flown in from Geneva,so if you pay for it,you will get it.If i am wrong and the Americans are the only one's who can issue the drug,then we are going into a different category,cos why would they give the Spanish and not the Africans?
Bet your last dollar that if any of the family of these African leaders contract the disease,that drug will appear in their country before you can spell Vaccination!
Ebola-Why African Leaders are not fighting for experimental drug Zmapp!
Spanish priest Miguel Pajares,his country have moved mountains to save his life.

 The African leaders should be doing a lot more for the Africans infected,they should not have the approach of,its only a few people,if they die its okay as long as we can contain the disease.They should be fighting to contain the disease as well as saving the lives of those infected.Lives of citizens mean nothing to African leaders and it is very sad.People have died so much in Africa that life means nothing anymore.They are just figures.If those people infected were Americans ,Brits,Spanish,Italians just to name a few,they will be fighting to the last drop to save those citizens.You can already see this they way the Spanish and Americans are looking after their own,but not in Africa.

I haven't seen or got the impression that our leaders are fighting for that drug..so far it's saving lives from what we've seen of the Americans and now the Spanish priest.Shouldn't the African countries with infected citizens be fighting for each and everyone of those people like they were their own blood relatives?
These leaders simply don't care enough! What's a few lives lost to them?When you see some of the hospitals that have been featured in the press so far since this Ebola outbreak,you will see how little these leaders care about African lives.Remember they don't have to use these hospitals,when they need Medical help,we see them all fly out..even the Presidents!

It's very disappointing,we keep repeating the same sentiments with nothing coming out of it.We need a new approach,sadly i don't think these current generation of leaders can ever view lives of the citizens of their country precious.To them it is always damage limitation,the mentality is only a few died,so its ok.Every single life lost in a nation should be a tragedy and heartache for the whole nation and it's leader.

Ebola-Why African Leaders are not fighting for experimental drug Zmapp!
Nancy Writebol&Kent Brantly the two American aid workers treated with Zmapp.
Since the Zmapp drug has been used on the missionary American Doctors,they have got better and stronger.The Spanish Priest as well hasn't had no fever,is stronger and not hemorrhaging.Have you heard the same  about the African patients?All we hear is them dropping dead one by one!
I read and posted the story of the young Nigerian Nurse,Obi Justina Ejelonu, who treated Patrick Sawyer the American citizen who flew in from Liberia.She is a young bright girl with her life ahead of her.I hope she survives this,but without the Zmapp drug,her chances don't look too good.Is it too much for the Nigerian Government and Nigerian Health services to get this drug for her and the others infected?
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