How Prof.Dora Akunyili proved Doctors wrong-Husband

How Prof.Dora Akunyili proved Doctors wrong-Husband

Prof Dora Akunyili and her husband,Dr Chike Akunyili.
Prof Dora Akunyili and her husband,Dr Chike Akunyili.
Seems Prof Dora Akunyili fought her cancer to the end with the same zest and vigor she fought with when she was the boss of NAFDAC. 
According to Dr. Chike Akunyili, the husband of the late former Minister of Information, his deceased wife lived beyond the time doctors gave her.

Speaking at the requiem mass organised in memory of the deceased in Abuja, the late former

minister’s widower said although doctors told his late wife that she had seven months to live in 2012 when she was diagnosed, she waived the doctors verdict as a pronouncement of men and not of God.
“When I told her doctors said she would not live for more than seven months, she said doctors have spoken but God has not spoken and then she lived for another two years and three months,” Chike said.
He also recalled how his wife displayed a rare sense of patriotism when she returned her American
passport as a citizen of US in order for her to keep her Nigerian diplomatic passport. And how she kept holding water bowl for him to wash his hands and whenever he reminded her that she was a professor, she kept saying:

 “I am Chike’s wife first before becoming a professor.”
Describing her as an elephant, the husband said time would never be enough to talk about his late wife who he fondly referred to as Dorothy.

At the mass, PUNCH reports that President Goodluck Jonathan paid tribute to the late Akunyili, saying he and other public office holders were praying that their children would be respected like the deceased.
The President urged Akunyili’s children to be happy because their late mother’s works had given them an identity that neither silver nor gold could give.
He said:

 “Your mother was a very dynamic woman because her works and identity have given you what silver and gold cannot give you. Yes, it might not translate to monetary rewards, but many will respect and want to assist you as her children because of her.  
We pray that those of us serving now, whether President, Vice President, or others, when we die, people will respect our children because of our deeds like Dora. So you have to thank God for that. 
Dora was a role model, her dressing represented the Nigerian woman, her love, character; she is a lady that will hardly leave our memory.  Dora was more known as DG NAFDAC more than when she served as a minister. Most Nigerians knew Dora because of her service.  
As a minister, Dora was good. We were very happy to work with her. She was diligent, intelligent, very forthright, and extremely patriotic and above all she was extremely brave and could say anything, right or wrong, and did not care whose ox is gored. That was Dora for you. She sought to protect the lives of Nigerians as DG of NAFDAC and never compromised as regards those who trafficked fake drugs. 
One thing that endeared her to me is that, probably I’m one President that has worked with so many women. Atimes you noticed rivalry amongst women but with her you, never noticed any rivalry. She was one of the few Nigerians that have made the whole country proud. I condole you all,” he added.
Prof Akunyili had several attempts on her life while she was the NAFDAC boss,but it never deterred her from doing her job.She refused to compromise or be scared of the threats.
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