Maheeda reveals Price for her to appear at your Private party!

Maheeda reveals Price for her to appear at your Private party!

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Maheeda is a young lady the Nigerian media can't seem to get enough of.From her s#xy and
provocating  poses to her utterances which can be quite shocking for the conservative minds to her honesty,Maheeda keeps them coming! In a concluding part of their interview with her,Vanguard asked Maheeda some very interesting questions which she was honest enough to answer as usual and
with some shocking revelations!
Oh yea and that big question of the price for her to appear as a guest at private shows for you. It won't be Maheeda other wise would it?
What’s the difference between Maheeda and Caroline?
Caroline is a mother, a wife and a loving citizen of Nigeria. I’m God-fearing and I don’t mind how people see my lifestyle.
We saw you on BBM yesterday(last week), and you said; ‘There’s a Maheeda in me, there’s a Maheeda in you, there’s a Maheeda in everyone.’ Let’s start with the Maheeda in you?
The Maheeda in me! This is Caroline and sometimes, I change to something else. So, everybody has that moment where they just can’t see it. I was with a lady yesterday at Cool FM and immediately she sighted me, she changed into her bum shorts and high heels and started posing. To me, the Maheeda in her was coming out because seeing me already, I have influenced her dress sense. The urge to look s#xy was irresistible in her. That’s the Maheeda in her and there should be a Maheeda in you too.
If you finally achieve your dream as a superstar, what else would you be longing for?
I don’t want to stop there. I really want to be like Oprah later
What kind of talk show would you do?
I want to anchor a Talk show that will allow people to be themselves. For instance, if your are addicted to alcohol, you would be able to come out and own up to your addiction. If you are also addicted to admiring married women, you should be able to confirm it. I really want to bring out the Maheeda in a lot of people and let’s see if they want to embrace or quit the Maheeda creation.

How do you deal with your critics?
They make me strong and what I am today. Five years ago, they dealt with me to the point that I had to cry. But that very moment actually made me strong. I faced a lot of challenges then and my man was by my side. He was trying to make me understand that this is the true nature of showbiz. I thought I was liked by people. Then, I couldn’t sing but now, I’m stronger.
How do you really make your money?
Basically, from shows and modeling. I’ve been doing a lot of shows especially abroad.
What is your greatest fear as a person?
Leaving this world without really touching lives in a positive way.
Do you think you’re a role model?
I don’t know but what is role model? I think people see role model as somebody that is perfect. But I don’t think so. I think it’s someone whom people learn from his or her mistakes.
When you’re doing your shows, do you go nude on stage?
It depends on how much I am paid for the show. The list is there, do you want Maheeda to go nude on stage? This is your price. The same thing goes to anyone that wants me to go nude in his musical video.
Supposing I want to do a show in Nigeria, and I expect you to reveal everything?
You have to pay heavily for it. If you want Maheeda to go nude in your show, it would cost you a lot of money. Do you know how many people that would attend the show? No doubt, you will recoup your money.
If someone insists on private show?
That person would have to pay me. We are talking about business here. I will give the person enough private show.
Have you ever done that before?
Yes, that was in Europe. It was at a birthday party organised by some big shots. I love my job, it was a big thing.
They had to touch you?
No, my job was to strike s#xy poses with all those s#xy bikinis. It was big money.
A lot of artists use drugs to enhance their stagecraft. Do you use drugs for your shows?
I am naturally high. I don’t use drugs. I’ve seen what drugs did to a lot of my friends back then in Port Harcourt, so, I vowed I’ll never take it

What do you think about the comparison between you and Afrocandy?
I love my people because they are bored and they know how to be entertained themselves. They can even entertain themselves without me and Afrocandy saying anything.
You are very active on social media?
Like I said, I love my people a lot, and I enjoy talking to my fans.
There was a time you were banned on Instagram and you had to open another profile. How did you feel when you woke up that morning?
First, I was really sad. This is because the picture I posted then, I was somewhat dialoguing with my spirit whether to upload the picture or not.

Have you ever been heartbroken?
Yes, I have. I actually left the guy.
Why did you leave him?
He didn’t have money. I broke his heart but my heart was broken too.

Why do you think good girls go bad?
Experience, what has happened to them in the past. I’m talking from my own personal experience.
You say you’re passionate about your country but your actions did not portray so?
It’s always like that. You can’t even know people who are really passionate about this country. Whether we like it or not, we are learning from the outside world. So, that’s just how it is.

Among the female singers, who do you have a lot respect for?
Waje. I respect Waje a lot and I like her person. I met her in a studio, we ate together and worked together. She’s really a wonderful person.

Mention one female artiste that you would love to work with?
For collabo, I would like to work with Seyi Shay or Tiwa Savage. I love their voices, they are superb and my male fans would love them. So, I long to work with people who are appreciated across board.

Who is your celebrity crush in Nigeria?
Phyno. His s#xy eyes turn me on.

How about Olamide?
I just wanted to say Baddoo. I want to see how bad he is.
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