Nigerian Soldiers Reportedly beheading Boko Haram suspects

Nigerian Soldiers Reportedly beheading Boko Haram suspects

Detainees are kept to one side while graves are dug before the pit is shown half-full of bloodied bodies
Detainees are kept to one side while graves are dug before the pit is shown half-full of bloodied bodies
Nigeria is again in the news,this time it's familiar territory,Boko Haram supposedly being dealt with by Nigerian soldiers.
Gruesome footage has emerged of what appears to show "Nigerian soldiers slitting the throats of Boko Haram
insurgents and dumping their bodies in a mass grave".
In one horrific video, a Boko Haram suspect is pulled from a truck and held down while a man in military uniform slices his neck open with a combat knife, hurling his body into a pit.
The scene is repeated with another suspect on the same bloodied patch at the edge of the grave.

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Detainees are kept to one side while graves are dug before the pit is shown half-full of bloodied bodies. 
The video also shows images of men being pulled off the back of trucks and beaten by soldiers and allied civilian militias.
The video, which was obtained by Amnesty International, has yet to be independently verified but the organisation insist it came from 'numerous sources' in Borno state, the militant group's birthplace and stronghold.

The footage reveals 'graphic evidence of multiple war crimes being carried out in Nigeria,' according to Amnesty, which says it has independent confirmation from several military sources that the armed captors 'were indeed military personnel.'
Nigeria's military is battling an increasingly vicious Islamist insurgency by Boko Haram, which wants to carve an Islamic state out of religiously mixed Nigeria.

But its forces have come under fire for human rights abuses, including torture and killings they usually deny.
Amnesty said the killings occurred shortly after Boko Haram's attack on a detention centre in Giwa Barracks, in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, on March 14.
Nigerian Defence spokesman Major-General Chris Olukolade, said: ‘The military authorities view these grave allegations very seriously.
‘Much as the scenes depicted in this video are alien to our operations and doctrines, it has to be investigated to ensure that such practices have not crept, surreptitiously, into the system.’
He added that such behaviour would be counter to the training Nigerian troops are given.
‘That level of barbarism and impunity has no place in the Nigerian military. Respect for the sanctity of life is always boldly emphasized in our doctrinal training,’ he said.
The footage comes a week after Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau released a video of his fighters beheading a Nigerian soldier.

Amnesty's report also shows the aftermath of a Boko Haram attack on a village that the rights group said had killed 100 people.
Amnesty said 4,000 people had been killed in the conflict this year.
A military operation since May last year has aimed to crush the rebels. But they have proved resilient and have hit back in attacks that have left hundreds dead, including civilians.
Amnesty International's secretary general Salil Shetty said: ‘This shocking new evidence is further proof of the appalling crimes being committed with abandon by all sides in the conflict ... what does it say when members of the military carry out such unspeakable acts and capture the images on film?
‘Numerous testimonies we have gathered suggest that extrajudicial executions are, in fact, regularly carried out by the Nigerian military.
This is a bit of a tough one for me,while no one wants to see human rights being violated,Boko Haram have awoken the beast in everyone with their atrocious dealings,they have no respect for human lives and kill people the same way people in this video are being killed! They have beheaded numerous Nigerian soldiers,so if this killings are truly done by Nigerian soldiers,they seem to be paying Boko Haram back in their own coins,the only problem with this practice is we don't truly know "if these men being killed are Boko Haram men",if they are,i for one can truly say i feel no pity for them!

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