Nigerian Woman who paid for surgery with stolen cards escapes jail!

Nigerian Woman who paid for surgery with stolen cards escapes jail!

Thelma Idahossa excaped jail cos she had kids despite spending £8.5k on stolen credit cards.
Thelma Idahossa excaped jail cos she had kids despite spending £8.5k on stolen credit cards.

A Nigerian woman had a lucky escape in court when a judge only gave her a suspended sentence despite her spending £8,500 pounds of stolen money via credit cards on cosmetic surgery!
The mother-of-two who used six cloned credit cards to pay for cosmetic surgery at Harley
Street clinics walked free from court after being convicted of fraud. 
Nigerian Thelma Idahosa from Bromley, south east London, spent £8,500 on a number of procedures and even asked for a refund when she complained not enough fat had been removed during a liposuction. 
The Nigerian graduate, 29, forked out thousands for surgeries on her thighs, stomach, arms and ‘love handles’, as well as skin-tightening procedures, using 'stolen credit card details'. 
She was given a six-month suspended prison sentence at Woolwich Crown Court and was told she would have been jailed if it had not been for her young children. 

And this is what is wrong with the system in the Uk.The Uk justice system has become a joke,a big joke! How can this woman have been set free simply cos she has kids?Would she have been spared a jail term if she had killed someone?NO.She should not have been spared this either,you do the crime ,you do the time.What kind of message does this send out?Other women can think it's ok for me to commit crimes as long as i got kids.The same system jailed a woman who did not pay her tv licence,but deems it fit to set another woman who stole thousands free,i'm a woman but i don't agree with this principle,that woman deserved to be jailed!

Thelma Idahosa escapes jail despite spending £8.5k on stolen credit cards for cosmetic surgery
A very lucky girl,Nigerian Thelma Idahosa.
She even demanded a refund from the operation!!! looool..can you believe this woman's guts?
She spent £4,000 at the Harley Street Skin Clinic and then purchased £4,500 worth of treatment at the West One Clinic - where she even demanded a £1,000 refund after only three litres of fat was removed instead of six.
Described as 'incredibly rude and aggressive', Idahosa - who was seven months into another suspended sentence at the time of the fraud - she phoned the clinic 'shouting and ranting', threatening to visit and cause a scene.
The company suffered an additional loss after agreeing to refund her two sums of £500.

Recorder Michael Wood QC told the mother-of-two: 'You really should be going to prison. 
'There is only one reason you are not and that is because you have a relatively young child.
'A sentence of imprisonment that would amount to weeks or months is outweighed by your child’s rights

'However, you can’t hide behind your children forever and if you commit an offence within the next two years you will go to prison whether you have a babe in arms or are pregnant.'

Idahosa was almost certainly told the same thing when receiving her original suspended sentence seven months before the frauds.
She received six months imprisonment, suspended for two years, was placed on a two-year supervision order and was told she must also complete 150 hours community service work.
'You are a very, very lucky woman,' Recorder Wood told Idahosa.
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