Ronda Rousey's next fight is Hollywood&The Rock!

Ronda Rousey's next fight is Hollywood&The Rock!

Ronda Rousey wants to Conquer Hollywood&The Rock!
Ronda Rousey has got her eye on Hollywood and The Rock!
Ronda Rousey's next fight is one she is determined to win like she has done against her many opponents.Ronda is a young lady who literally has the world under her feet! The 27yr old current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion can't do no wrong.Unbeaten in her judo and mixed martial arts career and already an Olympic medalist as far back as 2008! But if Rousey has conquered the U.F.C. territory,she firmly has her eyes
on another fight,another opponent to defeat,and this time it's not the mixed martial arts world,Ronda Rousey is taking on Hollywood and she ain't joking! She plans to be "The female Rock" and emulate Dwayne The Rock Johnson.
Already Ronda Rousey has parts in Fast&Furious 7 and Expendables 3 films, and she believes there is a gaping hole in Hollywood for the "action girl chick".Rousey believes there are many great female actresses but none who has nailed that that action girl role in Hollywood,and hey if you looking for an action girl who better to call on than the ultimate female machine,the Queen of mixed martial arts, Ronda Rousey?She's never been shy to take on a fight or an opponent and this is one fight she is keen to take on fully.

Already Rousey has the gift of the gab,we see how she talks down on her opponents or trash talk them as the media likes to put it,at first some thought she must be a bad person,some still think so,but Ronda has come out to explain it is only a way to generate publicity for the next fight and sell tickets.Muhammed Ali was a master at this before his fights with his opponents and to an extent a lot of fighters try to do that today before their fights,but it's an art and not all of them pull it off,Ronda does! And judging by the interest and crowd Ronda Rousey fights generates,the ploy is clearly working! Ronda Rousey has over 3million followers on social media! Yes 3million! Even though the experts will say the U.F.C. isn't quite mainstream yet,Rousey is.

Everything Ronda does is news,every fight is a major event and every opponent gets elevated when they are about to fight Ronda Rousey,so if she wants to be the next Rock as she says,she would have to get ready for even more scrutiny although it is hard to see how it can get any higher than it already is.One of the scrutiny she gets is,who is Ronda Rousey's boyfriend?Does Ronda Rousey have a boyfriend? Well,for a long time she always used to deny she had one,but she recently came out to admit she indeed had a boyfriend,and the reason she denied having one in the first place was cos she didn't want people getting in her business! Well you are Ronda Rousey,you are young pretty and Hot! Of cos people are gonna get in your business whether you liked it or not! This things come with the territory.At least when she does become a hot Hollywood film star she would have a boyfriend to hold her hands on the red capets,lol.

Ronda Rousey wants to Conquer Hollywood&The Rock!
Ronda Rousey attends 'The Expendables 3' premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival on May 18, 2014 in Cannes, France. (Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Now,Ronda Rousey says she wants to become the biggest grossing Hollywood actor! It was never a plan at first she says ,but now that she has found herself in this lane,with this opportunity,she intends to fully take on this fight and win it!As she said in a previous interview,she doesn't do anything by the halves,she takes on a challenge fully.Rousey believes Angela Jolie for example is a great actress,but she thinks she has more believability than Jolie and other female actors who play the action girl roles.If you see Ronda Rousey in a  movie kicking ass,i guess you can believe and buy into that role more than you would if you saw Julia Roberts for example,even Angelina Jolie.
Like she said to the Hollywood reporter in a recent interview: A mix of Milla Jovovich and The Rock is what I'm going for. People love chick fights. They love tough, empowered women. And there is a demand. People just don't know it.

So enjoy Ronda Rousey, the mixed martial arts queen now while you can and get to see as many fights as possible,cos she might not be thrilling you in the ring for too stop is Hollywood in the make believe ring..and who says Rousey won't capture that title as the No1 box office Hollywood action girl? Not me.
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