Young Nigerian Nurse contracts Ebola disease

Young Nigerian Nurse contracts Ebola disease

Nurse Obi Justina Ejelonu who has tested positive for Ebola virus.
Nurse Obi Justina Ejelonu who has tested positive for Ebola virus.
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A nurse who attended to Patrick Sawyer,the American citizen from Liberia who died in Nigeria of the Ebola disease,went on her facebook page to share her plight.The nurse Obi Justina Ejelonu thought she had escaped contracting the disease,she thanked God on her facebook page for this.But it has since emerged that Obi is actually positive after tests.That is really sad news.As you can see from her picture Obi Ejelonu is a very young lady.She has since been quarantined after testing positive.However with no drugs available and the US government refusing to send the experimental drugs that have so far worked on the two American citizens that were transported back home,things look bleak for Obi Ejelonu,she ractically needs a miracle.
Here is the post the elated Nurse posted on her facebook page when she thought she was free from the virus below:

“I never contacted his fluids .i checked his Vitals, helped him with his food.(he was too weak)…..i basically touched where his hands touched and dats d only contact. not directly wt his fluids.@a stage, he yanked off his infusion and we had blood everywhere on his bed…..but d ward maids took care of that and changed his linens with great precaution. Every patient is treated as high risk ….if it were airborne, by now wahala for dey. i still thank God.”

“Friends, up to our uniforms n all linens were burnt off. we r on surveillance n off work till 11th.Our samples v long bn taken by WHO n so far we v been fine.
For me, kudos to my hospital managt cos we work proffessionally wt every patient considered risk cos that’s d training. had it been its a hospital where they manage ordinary gloves like Govt hospital n some janjaweed private hosp..:lol….wahala for dey o.i must also thank Lagos Govt….infact! Even fed govt sef….all been supportive. im good n so r the others in d hosp…..”
So sad to go from a high point of joy and happiness to the point that girl is in now.This Ebola is really dreadful and the best news we can all hear now is to discover that a vaccine has been found for Ebola Virus.But according to recent briefing,that won't be until 2015..that's at least 6 months away! How many more people have to die before then?

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