Does Australian Rap Star Iggy Azalea Tape exist or not?

Does Australian Rap Star Iggy Azalea Tape exist or not?

Australian rap artist and model Iggy Azalea  tape is on course to make even more money
than Kim Kardashian's sex tape! The sexting scandal could make her millions upon millions -- according to a Hollywood porn boss, but Iggy tells TMZ she can't cash in on the vid ... because it's NOT her!
The career s** tape seems to have struck again like it has done for quite a few top celebrities who went on to gain even more fame based on a  tape showing up.Among those who had a s** tape surface are Paris Hilton,Pamela Anderson,who had the first big s*x tape with her then rocker boyfriend,Tommy Lee and the most famous of all arguably,Kim Kardashian.Only recently
did Ray J just reveal he is still getting big paychecks for the tape years after it's release!.Now the Iggy tape might be joining that exclusive list.

But the problem is Iggy's camp says that I-G-G-Y is not the chick on vid  ... and they're ready to sue over the alleged footage.   

Of course, without Iggy signing off on it ... the vid can't be legally released. It also means she won't collect years and years of mailbox money 
The rappers legal team now says it may indeed be her in that s*x tape ... but there's also a chance she was under 18 when it was shot.

It's a big change from what her people told TMZ just 2 days ago ... that NO  tape exists. Now it sounds like it does ... but with legal peril.

But that was then,now is a different story entirely.Her team are now more or less admitting there is a tape indeed,except it comes with some ,erm...complications.scorned lover and taping without consent etc. 

Iggy Azalea's lawyers  revealed... any  video would be the work of a "spurned business suitor" -- aka the ex-BF -- who's just trying to damage her image and career out of revenge. They also told us any footage was possibly shot "without her knowledge or consent" ... kind of a weird statement -- either it was or it wasn't.  The lawyers also say it's possible it was shot when she was a minor.

So, let's review Iggy's tape position: It's NOT me ... it MIGHT be me ... IF it's me, an evil ex-business partner is out to get me ... and I might be jail bait ... so, I dare you to release it.

We sure haven't heard the last of the Australian superstar's tape.My take is the tape will get released eventually and the rap artist and model will go on to make millions from it just like Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson before her.
source TMZ

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