Female sexy Mugshot Felon Angela Coates emerges

Female sexy Mugshot Felon Angela Coates emerges

The sexy mugshot of Angela Coates 
The sexy mugshot of Angela Coates has gone viral following in the footsteps of Jeremy Meeks.
Angela Coates is a former Jet magazine Beauty of the Week, but when she was arrested in DeKalb
County for disorderly conduct, just like Jeremy Meeks, the handsome felon offered modelling contracts a few months ago, Angela Coates has become an internet celebrity for her attractive mugshot.

Many guys on Twitter offered to help the 22-year-old Tampa native get up her $360 bail. Even the men who called out us women for their admiring Jeremy Meeks were not left out.

Also like Meeks, many modelling offers were issued and soon a ‘Free Angela Coates’ campaign soon popped up with a hashtag on Twitter – with hoards of men expressing their admiration for Coates.

“I got that bond money for you, baby” one Twitter user offered. Another said “I would sell our family house for the bond money, leave my wife and kids homeless.”

 Looks like the easiest way to become a celebrity or to be discovered by modelling agencies nowadays is to get a criminal conviction and a mugshot! :)

The sexy felon Angela Coates 

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