TB Joshua caught up in collapsed Church Bribery Scandal-Listen to leaked Audio Tape

TB Joshua caught up in collapsed Church Bribery Scandal-Listen to leaked Audio Tape

TB Joshua caught up in collapsed Church Bribery Scandal-Listen to leaked Audio Tape
TB Joshua caught up in bribery scandal.

This is not a good time to be TB Joshua.He is currently facing a big head ache and sad times with the collapse of his Church building,the Synagogue Church of All nations.And to cap it all,an audio
has been leaked which could suggest TB Joshua was giving money to journalists so they can write up favourable reports of the collapsed church building.
The latest situation is that TB Joshua had a closed door meeting with some journaists.In that meeting TB Joshua refused to talk about the dead or even send rreports to their families,he said he can't be seen talking about the dead in the Church.I thought that is ridiculous.

Why can't he talk about all these people who have lost their lives at his Church?He said why can't the journalists talk about those who survived instead?Which to me suggests he wants to cover the dead up as it is bad for his image and the Church's image.But he can't,the news is already out there.
After the meeting,TB Joshu then gives the journalists 50,000 Naira each for their fuel money..hmmm..this is done a lot apparently in this kind of situation,but i personally feel in this case,it was not appropriate,especially when he then asks the journalists at the end "so what are you gonna write now"?
That makes it sound like ,now you've got the money ,are we cool?
This particular audio tape got leaked by a journalist,Nicholas Ibekwe ,who refused the money.The journalist called it bribery. He slammed Lagos State Governor ,Fashola for having a closed door  meeting with TB Joshua without the presence of journalists. He said TB Joshua should be charged with murder.
Hmm,like i said earlier,it is not a good time to be TB Joshua..Here's is the leaked audio tape and the full transcript below....

TB Joshua- I want to thank you you very much for your patience and for and for your time. .Infact if i finish talking to you now, you will see,just pass through over 2 thousand people I'm attending to.They are from all over the world .No single Nigerian.I'm attending to them.
So I asked them to give you a copy of the cassette.There is 750 thousand which atleast, it will be 50 thousand each for fuel.To buy fuel for your car.
(Speaks to his staff)..I think you have it there, so you hand over to them.Then the cassette,they need one,one cassette.

Unknown Journalist-But man of God, we were expecting that  you would come up with an official statement .

TB Joshua-I have said it, you know I've talked to you(Is your camera recording..you know it's not necessary.It's a private issue (several confirmations its not being recorded)I

Unknown Journalist-The one in the church was not audible enough.We need something substantial for us to air.

TB Joshua-Ok but you know we have to leave the security people to do their job.I don't want to interfere .I don't want a situation where i will become a hindrance .Because the country , the ambassador of America,the UK,they have sent me a letter and i greet them.South Africa Ambassador are here,Ghana Ambassador ,they are here.They want to see their people.It is a very complicated issue.

Unknown Journalist-Sir say something,A sympathy comment

TB Joshua-No no no,it is too early now .Lets finish the whole thing.Have you been there?

All chorus -Yes

Unknown Journalist-So sir are we expecting you to call us back

TB Joshua-By the grace of God..and i will be very happy if you can help me correct some of the things that is inside the papers

Journalist=We commiserate with you the church, what we expect is if you can't give us a later day maybe you can give us an official statement outside the official one.You know when there is no information outside,people will continue to give rumours

TB Joshua-Which official statement do you want me to give

Female Journalist -We know investigation is ongoing.At the moment we know some lives have been lost, some people are in the hospital .

TB Joshua-why cant you talk of those who have been rescued.You should have started from life first

Female Journalist rephrased statement - Ok So some people have been rescued, some people unfortunately have gone .

 TB Joshua - want to assure you that alot of people got rescued there.Many of them are even at the prayer now.Some people that are in the hospital are recovering.

Journalist -eh eh like so commiserate with them

Female Journalist -SO can we say you are wishing them quick recovery and you are sympathizing with them ?

TB Joshua -Can't you hear what I said in the church,I talk of the hero and Martyr. I talk like a man of God.I can't talk of death inside the church.You know people will begin to say oh I salute the martyr

Journalists ..Thank you sir,... God bless sir .yes sir..


Several speaking concurrently  -Just like you said..what you said .
Journalist chatter  as he exchanges pleasantries..Laughter
Fade out

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