Kemi Olunloyo beaten up by sister &Son while their mother Cheered on!

Kemi Olunloyo beaten up by sister &Son while their mother Cheered on!

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Ibadan and Canada deportee motormouth, Kemi Olunloyo,was apparently beaten badly by her sister Funke and her sister's son,with Kemi's mother,Mrs Funmilayo
Olunloyo cheering Funke on!
I knew Kemi's big mouth will get her into trouble one day,i just didn't know it was her own flesh and blood that would beat her up! .Now i am not an advocate for violence,i am merely stating that the way Kemi Olunloyo has ran her mouth over so many people,it was inevitable that one day that mouth will get her into trouble! I'm just amazed its taken so long.

Since Kemi has returned to Nigeria,from a deportation in Canada where she has stayed for many years,all she has done is criticize and curse out everybody in Nigeria,these include personalities and Nigerian as a whole in unison.Atimes she has a point with her ranting,it's just that her presentation is crass.There many ways to kill a bird.But in Kemi's case,she wants to take a stone and stone that bird to death,and afterwards,get into her car and reverse over the dead bird to make sure it is dead!
Ironically it was Kemi's sister and son that beat her up,i think this is out of order,sibblings of that age should not be engaging in physical fights and for the sister to encourae her son to beat her aunty is totally out of order,for Kemi Olunloyo's mum to now cheer them on in beating Kemi,is equally bizarre and sounds to me like taht family has issues.However we are not 100% sure of the authenticity of this story ,but coming from Kemi's publicist,i guess you could say the story is true.

But you can't help wonder what Kemi has done this time for her family to do this to her,i won't put nothing past that woman's mouth.Her mouth is worse than a Boko Haram missile!
We wait to see Kemi's reaction.We all know if there is one thing she can do very wwell,it is talk.So we await Kemi Olunloyo and hear her side of the story.
Meanwhile the few places where this story has been published has been met by celebrations from social media who feel Kemi has gotten what was a long time due!
Here are the tweets below as posted by Kemi Olunloyo's publicist.
Kemi Olunloyo mother

Kemi Olunloyo sister
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