Pastor Chris addresses Divorce rumours in Church

Pastor Chris addresses Divorce rumours in Church

Pastor Chris addresses Divorce rumours in Church

The founder of the Christ Church Embassy,Pastor Chris Oyakhilome,yesterday reacted to the divorce rumours,discussions or whatever you might wanna call it that has been going round.These
people hear things to apparently.What struck me about Pastor Chris was how much like a politician he sounded.I am not bought or sold about his explanations.Which was not really an explanation anyway.Just a clever putting together of words.Personally i believe the wife,Reverend Anita.That woman has nothing to gain by coming out with her adultery accusations.She has too much to lose.Her life will be so much easier being the wife of Pastor Chris and enjoying all the trappings that comes along with it.

Take a second to think,What does Reverend Anita Oyakhilome have to gain by making these allegations and suing for divorce? That woman must have endured a lot and been at her last bus stop to finally say enough is enough,especially as she must know all the back lash she will get for going against Pastor Chris publicly and suing for divorce.

All these "man of God" self title and constantly reminding us about who he is or supposedly is by Pastor Chris is just the same old ploy of stopping people to think and speak of the obvious.I can see the same old typical brain washing statement now that certain people are telling themselves,Judge not so you shall not be judged and do not speak evil of the prophet or his anointed one.Yawnnnnn..What i say is this,why are you afraid to be judged?If you have done something wrong,then you should be judged,will be judged and deserve to be judged.So something like that won't scare me or stop me from speaking my mind.Secondly,if you speak the truth,you are not speaking evil of the Prophet are you?

Anyway,enough of my rantings,before you guys start judging me,lol,here is what Pastor Chris had to say during communion in his Church yesterday while addressing his divorce,media and wife Reverend Anita Oyakhilome issues....enjoy,sure is interesting...

“I heard that some media houses – especially in Nigeria – are writing some things against me. All sorts of frivolous charges, that’s crazy.You have to understand something about a man of God. A man of God is not just someone who worships God or preaches God. A man of God is handpicked by God, set on course by God. If you study the scriptures, you will not find one man of God go against God, sinning against God.
The only things you might find will be a man of God, maybe in two different kinds of ways. Moses, for example; when he 
struck the rock twice, [he] was provoked by the anger of the people. [It was] not because he wanted to do something against the Lord. No man of God does something against the Lord.“Are you hearing me? A man of God is set on a course; there is a type of life that he is given. Then you have a young man, a young prophet; he wasn’t named; he was deceived by another man of God and so he went in a direction that God said ‘don’t go’.

“That is the only kind of thing you find about a man of God when he misses the message of God or he acts beyond what God said. But a man of God settles himself in the fight against the world… like those writing those stupid things about me, that I did this and I did that.
You don’t know who a man of God is. I don’t go in that direction. I wasn’t accused of the things you said, nor did I commit those stupid things that you said and I don’t need to go into that level in such discussions.

He recalled that Jesus passed through similar travails and eventually overcame. He said that although so many people were making mockery of him, he would remain steadfast and not lose focus.
Jesus Christ was accused by many – a lot of frivolous charges. There will always be those who would like for it to be true. But you know, in spite of the accusations against Jesus, It didn’t change who he was. It didn’t change him.
“There are preachers and there are men of God. I am not a preacher; I am a man of God and I go in the way I’m asked to go. It may cause some troubles with individuals but that’s not because I have done something wrong and when it comes to Reverend Anita, what I will say to you is ‘pray for her’.
“Don’t act like those people. If you are married to a man of God, it doesn’t make you automatically mature. You can make mistakes; you can do something that is wrong. But some people expect the wife of a minister to definitely be at the level of that minister and so they may be looked upon and the expectation may be like that, but it’s a positional thing. “If a man of God is married, it doesn’t automatically mean that the wife of a man of God is therefore a woman of God. That’s not the way it is in the Bible. That’s why you don’t really find the wives of men of God mentioned in the Bible. How many of them? Who was Peter’s wife, did you ever know her name? You never find that out. Who was John’s wife? Did you ever read the name? What about all the other Apostles? How many of their names are written in the Bible. You never find their names.”
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