Recuperating Gov.Dambaba Suntai of Taraba State should be resting not governing the State!

Recuperating Gov.Dambaba Suntai of Taraba State should be resting not governing the State!

Seems people's selfish needs and greed for power will make them sink to the lowest of the lowest depths.

The Governor of Taraba State, Dambaba Suntai who you might remember had a plane

crash 2 years ago,flew into the country from London Uk,after extensive treatment.It had been said that he suffered brain damage.After watching this video here,i won't disute that fact.But it seems the Governor is slowly recuperating and getting back his health.But the Governor is in no fit state to look after himself less talk about taking over the affairs of the State.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know this.But some people seem intent on getting Governor Dambaba Suntai back to the helm of affairs in Taraba State.Why are they trying to kill the poor man? He should be resting for Christs sake!

In this video,Governor Dambaba Suntai kept saying i have just arrived from Abuja,even though it was from London he flew in,yet some officials were saying he was well and alert. Nigeria is a case i swear!

Governor Dambaba Suntai was received by Mr Darius Ishaku, Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, Rev. Jolly Nyame, a former Taraba governor, Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha, Chairman, Senate Committee on Agriculture, among others.

Ishaku told newsmen that the governor was in good health, adding that he could now take over the responsibility of governing the state. However, in the video you will see after the cut of the governor addressing the press, Gov Danabaa Suntai failed to recognize that he had just returned from London. He kept on saying instead "I am just coming from Abuja" .

last night at the Guest House of retired General TY Danjuma in Asokoro area of Abuja.

Ishaku had said:

“Taraba state will heave a sigh of relief following the coming of the governor. I am excited, he just addressed us and expressed his joy to be back home; l will like to add that his health is a miracle,’’ Ishaku said.

Also, Nyame said that Suntai’s mental alertness indicated that he was capable of taking over the affairs of the state.

“It is obvious that the governor can recognize everyone here which shows that he is mentally alert and lucid. He just addressed the press, but the last time he didn’t, which shows that he can take over as the governor,’’ Nyame said.

Governor of Taraba State, Dambaba Suntai with his wife, Auwa

Video of Governor of Taraba State,Danbaba Suntai addressing the media after flying into the country from London.

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