Tatiana Williams-Transgender who has spent $60,000 to have Nicki Minaj Body!

Tatiana Williams-Transgender who has spent $60,000 to have Nicki Minaj Body!

Tatiana Williams,has had more than 100 black-market injections to achieve her 60-inch bum - despite her friends dying due to similar operations.She says she thanks God for putting her through all this.Did God really put her through it?

Meet Tatiana Williams, 42, who has spent £60,000 sculpting her body over the past 20
years - including injections that have filled each bum cheek with a incredible 8lb of silicone.She has gone through all these procedures not by the proper qualified channels,but through the black market,cos its cheaper.
She said that similar high-risk illegal operations have maimed and killed a number of her friends, but that she has no regrets over her extensive plastic surgery.
Ms Tatiana Williams, who lives in Miami, Florida, has had breast enhancements, chin implants, facial fillers and laser surgery - all without visiting a licensed surgeon.
She said: 'Going to the black market is a big risk. People can die from these injections.'

'I've seen people eaten up by the silicone. I've seen them turn black-and-blue and not being able to walk anymore. 
'I've seen people have their whole breast taken off. I've seen everything.
'It's cheaper on the black market and people are willing to take the risks to achieve the beauty.
'I'm one of the lucky ones and I knock on wood everyday thanking God that he brought me through.' 
I can't understand why Tatiana and the thousands of people who undergo these procedures will wanna do this,knowing the risk involved.Yea,its cheaper,but is that worth risking your life for?
Illegal silicone injections often use non-surgical silicone - sometimes bought from hardware stores - that can lead to severe infections that result in deformations, amputations and even death.
But Ms Williams said that many people take the risk to follow in the footsteps of curvy celebrities.
Tatiana said: 'I love Kim Kardashian's body - it's beautiful. She's exactly what a woman should be.

'When it comes to me and celebrities, a lot of people compare me to Nicki Minaj.
'It makes me laugh because I'm thinking, 'I had a** before I even knew of Nicki or before she was even around'.
'Maybe Nicki's actually got an a** like me.'
Ms Tatiana Williams, who was born Cory Williams, said she has always lived an unorthodox lifestyle but that her family have been supportive from the beginning.
Tatiana Williams knew she was attracted to men from a young age before deciding to start living as a woman in her late teens. 
She said: 'My childhood was loving and respectful and so I was able to grow up into a positive and productive individual.
'I didn't have the same hang-ups as some of the people in the transgender community who were ostracised by family members.

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