What kind of person takes pic of a Hanging woman with their Phone?

What kind of person takes pic of a Hanging woman with their Phone?

What kind of person takes pic of a Hanging woman with their Phone?
Sorry folks i took the picture down!

This is the sickness that mobile phones have brought out in people now.Can you imagine this?People bringing out their phones to take pictures of a woman who had hanged herself! They are so close that if they reach out they could touch the woman.Surely this must be some form of sickness? I
can't understand what people have become.Especially in Nigeria.I have seen all sorts,i have seen terrible accidents scenes on the internet with body parts lying everywhere,scattered at the accident scene.And guess the worst thing of all i noticed? People with their phones taking pictures.What kind of people are these and what has made them this way?
Why would you wanna take pictures of dead battered bodies and limbs at an accident scene on your phone?

Many times both when i was in Nigeria and abroad,i have driven past accident scenes and just looked away,refusing to look at the gory scene.Why would i want to?What pleasure or joy i'm i gonna derive from that?So when i see people actually stop at the scene and bring out their phones,well..it leaves me speechless.This Liberian woman who hanged herself in these pics,apparently did so on Thursday or Friday in Lagos.It has been said that the Liberian citizen was shunned and ignored since the Ebola outbreak.This sent her into depression and she hanged herself.Another version which is the latest is that,she actually had HIV which she had no money to attend to.She apparently wanted to travel back to Liberia to meet her husband but could not afford the fare,and the Ebola issue made things even more difficult.All these spiralled her into depression and she hanged herself.Poor woman..she must have been all alone and totally distraught.Why anyone would wanna record her death with a noose round her neck is beyond me.If you paid me,i could not go to a scene to look at a hanged human being that close up.I think its sick and people who derive pleasure in these kind of things really worry me.

I did a write up once about how people in Nigeria and Africa derive pleasure at lynching scenes.They stand by and watch as people are beaten to a pulp with blood flowing freely..why?
For the life of me i can't understand it.
Nowadays if people see a person dying who needs swift action to be save,i swear they will take out their phones first,take a pic and post it on tweeter or facebook before they attend to that victim..i am really baffled and worried about this new craze.People will take pics of anything with their phones nowadays,no matter how sick,violent,disgusting or insensitive !

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