Why is arrogant Keshi trying to destroy Ikechukwu Uche?

Why is arrogant Keshi trying to destroy Ikechukwu Uche?

Why is arrogant Keshi trying to destroy Ikechukwu Uche?
What has this man Ikechukwu Uche done to Stephen Keshi?

Why is arrogant Keshi trying to destroy Ikechukwu Uche?

What is it with Nigeria's coach Stephen Keshi and Uche Ikechukwu?The latest thing coach Keshi has come out with is Uche has refused to play for Nigeria and wants to be begged.Of cos Uche has refuted the story and i'm gonna give my diagnosis  on this issue.Keshi is terrible when it comes to man management.He always has issues with players who seem to excel or are on a high platform.A few examples,Mikel Obi,Victor Moses,Osaze Peter Odemwingie,Joeseph Yobo,just to name a few.
This was the statement issued by Super Eagles media officer, Ben Alaiya,on behalf of Coach Stephen Keshi below:

“He was supposed to be part of the team that is presently in camp but he said we must beg him first to play for Nigeria because he was left out of some competitions but I can’t beg anyone to play for Nigeria, impossible. That’s why he is not here,” Keshi said in a statement issued by Super Eagles media officer, Ben Alaiya.

Reacting to this accusation, Ikechukwu Uche said he never demanded for any special treatment to play for his country.
“It’s an honour to play for Nigeria. I don’t expect to be begged or given special treatment. I’m available when/if considered for selection,” Goal quoted Uche as saying on his Twitter handle.

Now look at it this way,a few months ago,the greatest tournament a footballer can be involved in ,the World Cup was taking place.Prior to that,Uche Ikechukwu was one of the hottest strikers in Europe.He plays his football in the top division of Spain,La Liga for Villareal.He was scoring goals for fun.Keshi refused to call this guy to camp.Even though every Nigerian was clamouring for him to be called.Even the NFF officials were calling for Ikechukwu Uche to be called to camp.Keshi as stubborn as ever refused to call him stating that Uche did not respect him and questioned his tactics.

At Uche's club,the management of the club stated the boy Keshi was talking about did not sound like the player at their club as Ikechukwu was a very humble and respectful boy.I don't know Ikechukwu Uche personally,but he strikes me as a humble quiet and even shy person.
Keshi probably has that silly Nigerian or African mentality where they think because you are the boss,those under you should worship you,NO the world does not work like that,being a boss does not make you a slave master.Keshi has issues with top professionals,he wants to Lord over them and them not express their opinion.These guys can have a debate with you.It's your communicational skills that would see you through.Keshi obviously does not have this.If you dare question him,you are banished! 
Why is arrogant Keshi trying to destroy Ikechukwu Uche?
Now back to the world cup and Keshi's refusal to call Uche.If Keshi had said he did not call the player because he was not good enough for the team,that is fine.But his reason for not calling him is ridiculous,especially as Uche publicly denied this.Keshi has sabotaged Nigeria's chances of doing well at the world cup by robbing us of a striker in form.He instead took Shola Ameobi who could not even get games for Newcastle United.A player who was past his prime and refused to play for Nigeria when in his prime.Even recently Shola Ameobi refused to answer Nigeria's call for the African Nations cup,citing stupid reasons that his club didn't let him go.Ameobi refused to pick Keshi's call throughout the time they were trying to contact him.Yet Keshi recalled him for the World Cup.All this for a player who could not even get into his team and scored maybe 2 goals in the league!

Now 2 months after the World Cup,Keshi is recalling Ikechukwu Uche.Why has he recalled him now,if he has at all? Has Ikechukwu become a better player since the world cup bearing in mind the Spanish League only just started a few short weeks ago? Has Ikechukwu apologised to Keshi for supposedly questioning his tactics? I'm sure all the answers to these questions is a resounding NO! So why has he recalled him then i ask? Because Keshi is a vindictive controlling selfish ego maniac! He probably said i will punish that guy and he won't go to the World Cup.It is ridiculous that a player you failed to take to the world cup is now the same player you want 2 months later,why was he not good enough then but now he is?

Keshi actually said publicly he would resign rather than be forced to take Uche to the world cup.But now he wants him in the team and has supposedly called him back 2 months later,conveniently after the world cup.Think for a minute,would Nigeria have had a better chance at the world Cup with Ikechukwu Uche on the bench or in the team rather than Ameobi?
Now lets assume keshi did indeed recall Uche,and Uche was reluctant to come and play for the same coach who cruelly robbed him of his dream and the greatest show piece on earth,if it were you,what would you do? Would you be dancing for joy or feel like telling that same coach to F*ck off? I no what i would do.
Keshi is a good coach,but he his doing great harm to Nigerian football with his "Mr i know it all and i'm too big attitude"! That stupid big boss nick name seems to have gone to his head!
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