Why is President Jonathan showering Oyedepo with Birthday praises?

Why is President Jonathan showering Oyedepo with Birthday praises?

Adeboye praying for Goodluck Jonathan while he is kneeling down
President Goodluck Jonathan and Pastor Adeboye.
As Goodluck Jonathan showers prasises on Bishop Oyedepo on his birthday,i ask,what is it with President Goodluck Jonathan and these pastors?I get so uncomfortable seeing how much allegiance Goodluck Jonathan pays these so called men of God.We saw a picture not too long ago of GEJ kneeling down while Pastor Adeboye of the redeemed church of Christ stood over him and prayed for him.Nothing wrong with this,but when you are the President of a country,you should not be seen publicly in such a pose with a pastor from your country.Who is to say these men have no influence on decisions he takes?We all know about Goodluck Jonathan's love affair with Ayo Orisejafor as well,and we have all seen and read about the embarassing situation Oritsejafor found himself in the $9.3 million that was found on his plane and said to be money for arms.And now, it's Bishop Oyedepo's birthday and the way our President was showering praise on Oyedepo,you would think he was talking about Mother Theresa or Bob Geldof! 

Goodluck Jonathan and Ayo Oritsejafor again..and the beat goes on.
Looking at it critically,what exactly has Oyedepo done for Nigeria like Goodluck Jonathan seem to think? All i see is a pastor who has made billions in the name of saving and converting Nigerians! I have lost count of the number of private jets this man has.I will never forget a day i was in lagos,Ipaja area to be precise.This was some 15 years ago.There was all this commotion and traffic jam..and we heard these loud sirens blaring in the air.Who could it be? I thought it was the Governor or something as all the car whizzed past us.Then behold,there he was,i didn't know who he was because i was then staying outside Nigeria.My brother then said to me,that is Bishop Oyedepo,he has a mansion nearby..he is heading home.I said with all these police escorts and sirens?This is the kind of man our President think is humble and God like.A man he has reserved saint like praises for on his birthday.He even paid Oyedepo homage in doing so much for Nigerian children's education! Lol..what a joke.Nigerian children's education?

Ayo Oritsejafor praying for a kneeling Goodluck Jonathan..Hmmmm

Unbelievable! Here's a pastor who has started a University clearly not meant for the average Nigerian Child.It is only affordable by the rich.I guess that is what President Jonathan meant to say.That Oyedepo has done so much for the affluent Nigerians.Juts shows these people and our President included are living on planet cuckoo land.Oyedepo makes millions from his Univeristy and he is praised for enhancing Nigerian children's education.If Oyedepo wanted to,he could make that University a free Univeristy,he could subsidise 80% of their tuition fees,that church of his makes more than enough to do so.All those poor men and women who contribute every cent they have to that church in tithes and offerings and watch outsiders and rich kids go to schools that should have been meant for their kids.But i am not surprised though.What has President Goodluck Jonathan himself done for education in Nigeria?
The President really should have started a church,he should have been a pastor ,cos i think thats his calling! At least when next he goes praising and falling at the feet of these men,we would understand better then.

I can only think the reason why Goodluck Jonathan is so enchanted by these pastor's is cause he thinks they can pray for him and make him a great president.You don't become a great President by prayers Mr President.You become a great Pressident by your deeds and actions.That would be your legacy!

Here below is the letter written to BishopOyedepo by the President celebrating his  60th birthday anniversary, tomorrow, Saturday, September 27, 2014.

“I write on behalf of my family, the Government and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to rejoice with you as you mark your milestone 60th birthday anniversary.
 “Yours is, indeed, a life truly worthy of celebration.  You have attained lofty heights not just as an accomplished selfless servant of God, but also in the committed service of community, country, and our common humanity.

“You have not only committed to giving your all in pursuit of the massively impactful propagation of the Word, you have also embraced the cause of providing quality education for our children.
“As Almighty God continues to bless you with robust health and many more years of happiness, uncommon accomplishment, and fulfilling service, it is my prayer that you will continue to partner with us in our quest to reposition Nigeria for peace, progress and prosperity,”

Reuben Abati
Special Adviser to the President
(Media & Publicity)
September 26, 2014
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