60yr old American Man Charged for making Ebola Joke

60yr old American Man Charged for making Ebola Joke

60-year-old Emanuel Smith joked about his wife contracting Ebola disease.

When are people gonna learn that Ebola or any deadly disease is not a laughing matter?

Take this man for example,60-year-old Emanuel Smith who was arrested on Wednesday and charged with inducing panic in a public place after he told a
dealer at the Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland that his wife has contracted the deadly virus.

The gambler had gone into further details to the dealer, claiming that his ex-wife traveled to Cleveland from the Ebola-stricken region of West Africa, and that he was gambling to avoid seeing her, the Ohio Casino Commission said.

According to court filings cited by The Smoking Gun , Ohio officials later determined that Smith, who is divorced, and his ex-wife do not have Ebola and have not been to West Africa recently.

As part of the panic caused bu Smith unnecessary talk, a portion of the casino had to be temporarily closed down resulting in 'a large financial loss' for the owners.
I mean why would a grown man of 60 think this was funny?I think he should be made to pay back the amount the casino lost,even if it takes 10 years,then next time he will mind what he says before he makes another joke about contracting Ebola in the public!
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