Can a woman have a Successful Marriage in Nigerian Entertainment?

Can a woman have a Successful Marriage in Nigerian Entertainment?

Ini Edo and her estranged husband,Philip Ehiagwina.

Ini Edo,Funke Akindele,Tiwa Savage,Princess the comedian,Bimbo Akintola,Rita Dominic,Genevieve Nnaji,Bisi Ibidapo Obe,Fathia Balogun Williams,Kate Henshaw,Stella Damascus.Ayo Adesanya,just to mention a few are all successful women entertainers in Nigeria.But what do they all have in common?They are all single
women Nigerian women in entertainment who are unmarried or have a broken marriage/relationships.Now some of them might be in relationships,but as many of them has expressed in interviews,it's a lot of hard work for them to either find the right man to marry,make marriage work in the entertainment world or ambition and drive just gets in the way.
Tiwa Savage fairy tale wedding to TeeBillz looks likes its coming to an end.

Tiwa Savage married TeeBillz who also happened to be her manager until very recently,in a high profile marriage.As we all know now,there are issues between the couple,as they are rumoured to be seperated,and Teebillz no longer manages his wife Tiwa Savage.What could have caused this in a marriage that is barely 5 months old?Woukd Tiwa Savage and her husband Teebillz have had a better chance if they were not in the entertainment industry?Could the marriage problems have resulted from pressures of the industry?
Ini Edo,another famous and successful Nollywood actress' marriage to Philip Ehiagwina has broken up.She got married to Mr. Philip Ehiagwina, who was based in the USA.Recent reports coming in says the two have broken up.Rumours have it that lack of trust played a big part in the break up.Could this be one of the biggest obstacles Nigerian female entertainers face in relationships?Is it the trust issue or is it the insecurity of the guys involved?

Saheed Balogun and Fathia Balogun Williams,another failed marriage in Nigerian Entertainment.
The comedian Princess was separated from her husband in record time,popular Yoruba actress Fathia Balogun had a failed marriage with popular actor Saheed Balogun,the Queen of Nollywood,Genevieve Nnaji as popular and beautiful as she is,is still single at 35,another Yoruba actress,Bisi Ibidapo Obe, had a messy relationship all over the tabloids.And on and on the list goes.

I mean ,lets face the facts,it  will take a very strong and confident guy to date an actress or entertainer in the showbiz world.The average guy gets upset when a phone call or text comes in for his woman.It's usually who is that? What does he want?Or why are you looking at that guy?Who is that guy you just hugged?And on and on it goes.Now when you multiply this by a hundred times,you can imagine some of the obstacles the women in entertainment go through,because they have male admirers everywhere they go.
Many men are willing to spend any amount to get some of these women so they can boast to their friends that they have been with a star!
Comedian Princess,her marriage broke up in weeks!
Some of these women are humans and inevitably succumb to temptation or pressure and fall for these guys.
Also the world of show biz or entertainment is one of the toughest industries you can be in.You could be the in thing today and gone tomorrow.It takes real hard work and dedication.Not to talk of locations,travelling,pressures of the job and all.This will surely have an effect on relationships and the more time you spend apart from your partner due to work or commitments,the more temptations you or your partner faces.

I read somewhere once that for a woman to be successful in entertainment in Nigeria,she has to be willing to forget about a steady relationship or marriage.She has so many obstacles.Nigerian and Africans still think women in show biz are loose and easy,so they don't want their sons or siblings to marry one.Society also looks at some of them as wayward,these makes some guys wary of marrying one.
Bisi Ibidapo Obe had a messy time with Dinio Melaye in the tabloids over her baby.
To my knowledge,very few woman have had successful marriages not just in Nigerian Entertainment but all over the world,Be it Hollywood,Africa or where ever.
So is the price to pay for success in entertainment by women really failed relationships/Marriages?
Can a woman have a Successful Marriage in Nigerian Entertainment?

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